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Advantages of Using Paperless Direct Debits

by dnieva

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Paperless Direct Debits, more commonly known as PDD is the method of using direct debit services with complete elimination of using paper. It is the process of signing up new customers without having to fill papers together in order to complete all the formalities of signing up into direct debit services. Your organisation will have the chance to use many other means to sign up your customers directly. Some of them are: by making a call through telephone and signing up the customers (traditional way), using the Internet (contemporary way), using Interactive TV, and the latest being conversation via laptops or handheld devices. All the information exchanged can be directly entered into the computer and exchanged in order to get approval.


As soon as the approval is given by both the parties, things can start going almost immediately. Although it might initially take some time for the service providers to setup the Paperless Direct Debits for the organisation. After you provide all the necessary details about your organisation, you will have to give the service provider a time of about 4 weeks at the maximum for them to set things right according to your expectations and requirements. With the ease in norms, it is possible for even the smallest organisations with low turnover to be able to qualify to go paperless with direct debits.


Earlier when direct debit services were provided only by banks, it was impossible for small and medium scale organisations to be able to qualify for the services, but with the entry of private firms in direct debit services like SmartDebit, it is now possible not just to qualify for direct debit services but also go paperless and do their bit in being eco-friendly. APIs and all the service tools are now offered easily and this is the main reason behind all the organisations being able to get into Paperless Direct Debits.


Previously the system of direct debits was complex and needed the assistance of experts throughout. But with Paperless Direct Debits the system has got simpler, faster, consuming less time and yielding more results. It is a step ahead in managing all the financial transactions of your organisation. After the setup, the organisation will be facilitated with an instruction sheet that will have complete details about all the arrangements made and how to use them. This will be basically for future references after you have been trained by the experts of service provider.


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