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All About Physical Data Loss and Recover

by tompatrick

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What is Physical data loss in a hard drive? It is different from a logical data loss. The latter are problems that can be resolved by data recovery software while physical data loss cannot. Data recovery services are needed for getting back the data from hard drives affected by power surges, flooding of hard drives, fire damages or any incident which affects the magnetic coating of your hard drive's platter. This magnetic coating is the main ingredient which keeps your data intact. The impact of damage to the this coating determines how much of your data is recoverable.


The services of a data recovery expert is needed to bring back your lost data. You should make sure though that the data cannot be recovered by any other means before resorting to the services of the experts. To ensure that that the problem is really a physical one, you can check whether the hard disk works in a different PC or not. The following steps need to be taken for that:-


  1. Get an external case for your internal hard drive. They are not very expensive and can be used to make your internal hard drive an external one.

  2. Open your PC and remove the internal hard disk.

  3. Insert the removed internal hard disk into the external case.

  4. Insert the USB cable of the external hard disk case into a different PC.

  5. Try copying your data into the other PC.


If you are able to copy the contents of your hard drive into the other PC, you can be sure that the problem with your other PC is a logical one. In any case, you get a backup of your crucial data. Another way of knowing whether your problem is a physical one or not is to listen to the sound coming from the hard drive. If you feel that the normal spinning sound is not audible, it is a sure sign of physical damage.


The specialists in hard drive recovery services can fix any problem of data loss and relive you from worrying about its loss. They offer to scan your hard disk first at a reasonable price and tell how much of the data is recoverable. There are some data recovery software companies who have rendered exemplary data recovery services.

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