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What is autism and its causes?

by Markbrademan

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Autism spectrum disorder or simply autism is defined as the disorder of neural development or brain development. This disorder can be characterized by finding difficulties in communication, social interaction and repetitive behaviors. The symptoms of this disorder are shown at the age of two or three years. Studies have shown that out of 110 children 1 child is diagnosed with autism. It is considered as a most severe disorder among Rett Syndrome, Asperger's Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorder. Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified and Childhood Disintegrative disorder. Autism treatment includes autism therapy which involves innovative and alternative idea.

PDDNOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified) and PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder) patient shows all symptoms of all types of autism, but do not meet exactly the one. In Rett Syndrome muscle tone is the first symptom, it is a physical type of autism. But, among all these types Classic and Asperger's autism is the most pronounced disorders. More people and children are diagnosed with these syndromes and go unnoticed until adulthood.

Studies have shown that two people suffering from autism doesn't show the same symptoms, one can have mild symptoms while other severe one. Many people consider autism as a condition but, doctors have scientifically proven that it is a disorder rather a condition. The children suffering from this disorder doesn't show interest in playing and interacting like a typical child. Particularly a patient this disorder lacks social skills, their behavior is quite different as compared to rest of the people. They make very less eye contact and often miss the cues given to have somebody's attention. Sometimes they don't like being touched or cuddling. Taking care of an autistic spectrum disorder patient is a challenging task and it made a huge impact on the patient's life. Autism made everyday simple tasks like brushing, bathing, combing and regular activities more difficult to do.

Children suffering from this spectrum disorder need love and special care. Autism treatmentinvolves varied methods but one with positive results is the best one. Many doctors suggested autism therapy to lessenthe abnormal behavior and deficits to make them independent and increase quality of life. Most common therapy is behavioral therapy, it takes long time to yield the results. Another treatment involves visual schedules, these visual ads are used to describe a series of particular activities. This treatment yields great results and is very beneficial for the autism patients. If you see or feel something unusual with your child then might be autism is the issue. Consult a doctor and a therapist for its treatment, with the passing age treatment becomes less effective.

Till now the exact cause of the autism is known, luckily studies are going on further to know about its causes. It is said that mercury used in vaccines to fight against bacteria contamination is the cause for the spectrum disorder. Genetic factors combined with environmental reason are also considered responsible for this. But, it's very difficult to predict the exact cause of this syndrome.

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