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Top Reasons Why You Should Test Your CMS Mercilessly

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When you product, your website goes live – hundreds of people will flock to it. Some will try to browse thru, some will try to hack thru and some will take advantage of fallacies in the system. Ignoring disinterested viewers, to protect your product from running into business losses, it is an absolute requirement to develop your product with passion and test your Content Management System with undiluted brutality before it goes live.

Is my software ready to move to the market? Has it resolved all issues? Has it developed properly as per my Software Requirement Specification (SRS document)? Are all functionalities developed properly? and all. But the thing is how to address all these questions? Who will ensure all the desired functionalities have been developed well and that the code is working fine as well and now it is market ready. Developer of the application can’t assure the same, because his job is to develop the features and functionality in the application to make sure that he will only cover the points on the SRS document. About the working fine as desired for end user, he can’t assure and it is not his job even. This is not the new situation on the field of software, where people think how to meet the absolute 100% quality of their application/ product/ software. Business owner continue to find the best QA and Testing service provider to test their application before jump to the market.

An USA business tycoon, a leader in CMS (Content Management System) industry wants to test CMS software application system. The CMS being one of the most powerful content management systems on the market today, is now available as a cloud-based, SAAS CMS. Designed for maximum ease of use, the application Cloud offers all the sophisticated features prized by leading organizations and delivers them to the customer through the cloud. That means there’s no hardware to install or product updates to download. It’s seamlessly handled for anyone in an infrastructure-free environment. The US firm set out to achieve its primary goal – Software Manual Testing of its internet/web based, workflow-driven content management software through which enterprises could easily perform web content management operations. The prime and fore most thing is,
Software Application Testing of his CMS System. The US business firm search many offshore software testing house to get his software application to test. Although multiple software service providers proposed solutions, but Mindfire’s excellent offshore testing solution(s) and strategy stood out, fulfilling the core requirement of Manual Testing in a SaaS-based implementation, and providing a definitive roadmap to deliver various Bug Free product versions. Mindfire’s QA team took immediate charge of the project and immediately proposed a well thought out solution, in order to cover every possible scenario for best of quality assurance processes to be executed with a focus on platform compatibility.

Mindfire Offshore Software Application Testing team can be hired directly by client(s) to testing their Software application. This is usually for a specific area of testing. Thus, the client may want us to do regression testing only, as pre-release testing. Or, our client may want us to develop test plans while they execute it. Mindfire also offer QA and testing services to the entire software release lifecycle. Our QA service helps our clients to deliver their Application/ Product with specific time-line limit having confidence and compete better in the market.

To know more about our expertise on
software testing services India and to hire software testers for your testing requirements, please contact us at sales at mindfiresolutions dot com or call 1-248-686-1424. We will be glad to help you.

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