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The Irish are starting to move away from Kilburn

by robertgale

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Kilburn has always traditionally been an Irish area of London. From the man working behind the bar to many of the charming Kilburn high road escorts, it’s hard to go 5 steps without bumping into a child of emerald isle. That Irish spirit lent the area a fun-loving spirit of joy and excitement and, for many years, infused it with a jolly charm that few other areas in the capital could compete with. It was actually a selling point and the reason why many people came to the area: for the strong community and for the amazing times that were to be had there.

It’s reflected in the surroundings: there are many Irish pubs nearby, all of them serving good guinness and rocking with a superb atmosphere. Local shops sell lots of lamb and beef, whilst the menus of local restaurants are dominated by potatoes and greens. Thick soups and hearty cuts are the order of the day, and everything has a rustic, slightly rough, edge to it. This isn’t the sort of place you would see young professionals sipping cocktails, it’s much more likely to see the locals enjoying a few pints in the evening. The shops are all middle of the road sorts of places and brands. There’s none of the extreme finery of Bond street or Kensington here: just honest produce. Unsurprisingly, the local farmers’ market is especially popular with the residents, and offers some of the best deals in the capital.

Recently however, the Irish contingent has died down a little. It’s far from gone, but Kilburn is arguably not the first choice for the community anymore, meaning that it has slowly begun to dwindle. In its place comes men and women from the old Eastern bloc. They share many characteristics with the area’s former inhabitants: most have large families and make hard workers. It’s still typical to see a world-weary wife try and talk her husband away from the pub on a Friday night and a few guys enjoying the company of Kilburn High Road escorts.

The biggest difference is that the Eastern Europeans seem much more dour and reserved than the Irish. Part of Kilburn’s great attraction was the life that came seeping through all its cracks, the vivacity that smoothed its rough edges. That seems to be slowly draining away now and, with increasing diversity, the sense of community is becoming less and less as various religious, cultural and racial subgroups rise up. They tend to keep themselves to themselves, meaning that the great communal spirit of the area seems to have lessened.

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