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IRS Tax Audit Help in San Jose: Typical Tax Audit Triggers

by clemenciasummers

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With the upsurge of the Internet, many well-known businesses in San Jose, such as eBay and IBM, are steadily producing billions in revenue time after time. This suggests significant amounts in tax collections for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). However, if your company is regularly experiencing tax problems, it may result in the much-feared IRS tax audit. When this takes place, you will need some quality IRS tax audit help in San Jose.

A tax audit is a challenging procedure of figuring out whether a taxpayer has paid the proper amount of tax or not. However, according to the IRS, the opportunities of them auditing your taxes are extremely low. Right here are some tax audit triggers you must prevent.

Blunders in your tax return are common yet avoidable tax audit triggers. While careless arithmetic is a typical mistake, noting numbers in the wrong line or column can also necessitate you an audit. Forgetting to put your Social Protection number, address, and signature can also cause an audit, especially if the blunders take place often.

Excessive costs, particularly on travels and meals, can also cause a tax audit. When it comes to food and other enjoyment expenses, the line between personal and small business investing usually obscures. If you report high costs on these things, make sure you're prepared to back them up with proper documentation and receipts.

Missing earnings could also induce a tax audit. For instance, reporting an abrupt increase in income will likely catch the IRS's attention. If there suffice indications that you have unreported earnings, IRS auditors are enabled to look at your public records and track changes in wealth to prove their case and perform an extensive tax audit.

The IRS is also on the lookout for companies which declare deductions that appear too high for their earnings level. For instance, deduction cases for contributing 10% of your earnings may induce an audit as the norm is only about 2%. If you indeed made significant donations, be ready to offer all the needed papers to prove your case. If you're having problems handling your taxes, think about hiring credible tax planning services in San Jose. To find out more, visit

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