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How Gentle Pokes from a Portland Acupuncturist Could Help

by erikdenmon

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Acupuncture has an increasing number of supporters in the field of alternative therapy for smoking cessation and the like. In fact, most of court orders require it as a part of rehabilitation therapy for drug addicts. It is believed to decrease cravings and withdrawal symptoms like becoming easily irritated, anxiety, and impairment of concentration.

Portland has a reputation of being America's "smokiest" city, with virtually every adult classified as a smoker. If you have ever before tried to give up smoking, you understand very well how hard it can be. Smoking may be a strong addiction, but a competent Portland acupuncturistcan assist you kick the habit completely.

It is estimated that those who managed to quit successfully make two or more attempts to end smoking before eventually getting rid of the habit. Conventional methods for stopping smoking-- lozenges, gums, nicotine patches, etc.-- have failed lots of American smokers, who are now considering alternative treatments to assist them resist their addictions. Acupuncture, specifically, has proven as an effective smoking cessation method, transforming an increasing number of smokers into permanent non-smokers.

As a smoking cessation treatment that primarily targets addiction to nicotine, acupuncture takes all of a smoker's symptoms into account and focuses at stabilizing the energy within the system to strengthen health. Acupuncture works to diminish jitters, cravings, irritability, and uneasyness-- symptoms that smokers often complain about when they try to stop. The therapy also aids in relaxation of the body and mind, as well as detoxification of the blood and the various organ systems.

Acupuncture therapy for smoking cessation uses very thin needles that are superficially inserted into different points in the ears and body. Small pellets are usually taped to the acupuncture points on the ear after a therapy session and maintained there until the following one. Whenever a cigarette craving hits, a soft press on the pellets induces the acupuncture points to signal calming messages to the brain, which take away the craving. In some cases, an acupuncturist may request you to see a Portland Chinese herbsmaster who can prescribe medicines to help with repair of tissues damaged by smoking.

Acupuncture is not a magic cure that aids in smoking cessation or in combating any other type of addiction. It does, however, can make it easier to stop and remain smoke-free for good. details about acupuncture and its numerous applications, see

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