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Direct Debit Validation Service: Find Best Resources

by davein

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Direct Debit is the service of making payments and receiving them through online means and the transaction happens directly between the two banks. Recently, the services of Direct Debit have been highly appreciated, and because of this a lot of fraud has been encouraged. To avoid such frauds and unauthenticated usage, it is important to use Direct Debit Validation Service. You can rely only on resources that have been in this business for many years and have never had any negative remarks from the clients to whom they have been providing Direct Debit services. Trusting in banks would be the most ideal thing to do, but when it comes to applying banks to provide the Direct Debit services, only a limited number of companies qualify making it difficult for small and medium sized enterprises to gain advantage. Thus relying on private sources like SmartDebit would be better.


To activate Direct Debit Validation Service, you will need to facilitate all the basic details like details of your sponsor bank, regarding your bank account, active email address, contact address and number, among others. After providing all these details the service provider will approach the bank regarding authentication of your account. Banks will always encourage using Direct Debit services.


If you do not possess SUN (Service User Number), then the service provider company would assist you in getting one. This number will act as your identification number and will appear on the bank statements of your clients. It is important for the clients because they should know where the money from their account is being transferred to. Once all the details are crosschecked and scrutinised properly, you will be facilitated with the implementation document which will result in Direct Debit Validation Service. You can then start taking benefits from your setup.


With the increasing awareness of being environment friendly, Direct Debit Validation Service can be activated through online means with complete elimination of paper. The complete process of online activation would take about 2 to 4 weeks’ time, and once authorised you can carry on all the Direct Debit related transactions through internet or phone. Even customers can be encouraged to sign in to your website directly and make payments on time. The customers would also be satisfied because to qualify for Direct Debit services a company needs to undergo a lot of verifications. 


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