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Green Lawn Mowing For Healthy Environment

by grayson383

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Lawns are for the health enhancement aspect of our lives. The very purpose of having a lawn is to increase the general health of our family and our surroundings. They increase the air quality of our surroundings and supply oxygen for a small family. Lawns are natural filters that absorb the noise pollution and the glaring effect of the sun. However, some people do not realize this fact when they use a gas powered mower and increase the pollution. Lawn mower shops Canberra has a helpful database of lawn mower stores from where you can pick an eco friendly mower of your choice.

Gas powered mowers are real enemies of our environment. According to the ecology reports, pollution created from an hour's work from gas powered lawn mowers is equal to the pollution created by 100 mile car ride. Then think of the air pollution created by millions of people around the world who own gas powered lawn mowers. Green lovers have started buying new eco friendly lawn mowers from lawn mowers for sale canberra . Lawn mowers for sale Canberra has various models in the human powered reel mowers.

Though the size of the engine is very small, the effect caused by the gas is enormous. They release carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds. These are the culprits who produce smog which affect the human lungs, increase the asthma attack and increase heart problems by reducing the oxygen level in the blood stream. According to a report, the amount of hydrocarbons released in the city of Melbourne through gas powered mowers, accounts for ten percent of hydrocarbons in the atmosphere that causes smog. The worst thing in this scene is the effect produced by volatile organic compounds and hydrocarbons. Some green lovers select Buy lawn mower Canberra to get electric mowers to solve this problem.

Electric mowers are a good alternative to gas powered mowers but they are suitable only for small lawns. Moreover, using electricity is not the best option. Solar powered mowers have come out as the best alternative to save the environment. They are automatic, more convenient and eco friendly. However these mowers are very expensive. Many cordless electric mowers that can be turned to solar power are coming up in the market. Find out from the Lawn mower shops Canberra from where you can get these kind of mowers.

The best alternative to gas powered mowers that spoil the atmosphere is the manual mowers. Purchase of manual mowers are in the increase due to the increasing eco and health consciousness.They are the best and final alternative to gas powered mowers. The benefits you reap from well kept lawns together with the usage of manual reel mowers are numerous.

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