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Research on Bellows Industry in China, 2012-2017

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Bellows are widely used in instruments, mainly used as measuring elements of pressure measuring instruments to convert pressure into displacement or force. Bellows’ pipe wall is thin and the sensitivity is high, the measurement range is tens of Pa to tens of MPa. In addition; bellows also can be used as compensating elements, making use of its volume variability to compensate instruments’ temperature error. And sometimes, bellows are also used as the elastic joints of two components
 At present, China’s bellows production enterprises mainly distributed in East China and Northwest region. Of which, about 60% of these enterprises concentrated in East China, such as Aerosun Corporation, including the subsidiaries of Jiangsu Chenxin Expansion Join Co., Ltd, Aerosun-Tola and Aerosun-Hanson Metal Hose Co., Ltd, Shanghai Yongxin Corrugated Pipe Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Xinbai Group and Jiangsu Yaguang Bellows Co., Ltd; all of these enterprises are the above designated scale enterprises in this region. About 20% enterprises concentrated in Northwest region, the above designed scale enterprises are Shenyang Bellows Manufacturing (Group) Company, Shenyang Feiyue Bellows Co., Ltd, Flexible Tiger Metal Bellows Co., Ltd, Huanyu Bellows Manufacturing Co., Ltd, Liming Bellows Compensator Manufacturing Plant and other production enterprises.
 At the same time, it should be noted that China’s bellows industry has emerges many unoptimistic situations, such as metal bellows industry’s structure is irrational, the industry is concentrated in labor-intensive products; technology-intensive products are significantly behind the developed industrial countries; the decisive effect of production factors are decreasing; energy consumption is large, output rate is low, environmental pollution is serious and the destructive power to natural resources is large; the overall enterprises scale is small, technical innovation capacity is weak and the management level is backward, etc. China’s plastic bellows industry also faces some unfavorable factors that restrict its development, such as the cut-throat competitions lead to low product prices, raw material import dependence is large, the promotion and application of new products and new technologies is slow, etc. 1. Overview of China’s Bellows Products
 1.1 Definition, Property and Application Characteristic
 1.1.1 Definition
 1.1.2 Property
 1.1.3 Application Characteristic
 1.2 Development History
 2. Analysis on China’s Popular Segmented Bellows Products
 2.1 Metal Bellows
 2.1.1 Brief Introduction
 2.1.2 Classification, Property and Application
 2.2 Bellows Compensator
 2.3 Welded Bellows
 3. Environment of Bellows in China
 3.1 Economic Development Environment in China
 3.1.1 Economic Development Status
 3.1.2 GDP
 3.1.3 Investment in the Fixed Assets
 3.1.4 Total Export-Import Volume and the Growth Rate
 3.1.5 Forecast of China’s Macroeconomic Development
 3.2 Relevant Industrial Policies, Standards, Laws and Regulations
 3.2.1 Industrial Policies, Laws and Regulations
 3.2.2 Industrial Standards
 4. Production Technology and Technological Development Trend for Bellows Products
 4.1 Quality Index
 4.1.1 Performance Index
 4.1.2 Selection of Bellows Expansion Joint
 4.2 Main Manufacturing Processes
 4.2.1 Hydro-forming Process and the Characteristics
 4.2.2 Roller Forming Process and the Characteristics
 4.2.3 Machinery Swelling Pressure Forming Process and the Characteristics
 4.2.4 Other Processes
 4.3 Work Flow
 4.3.1 Work Flow of Bellow Expansion Joint
 4.3.2 Work Flow of Welded Bellows
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Research on Bellows Industry in China, 2012-2017
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