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The Celebrity Cult

by anonymous

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Last year if you were to walk into your local dental surgery with a photograph of Cheryl Cole and ask: “Can you give me a smile like hers please?”, it would have taken a lot of anesthetic, drilling, filling and pain.

Oh how times have changed. Over the past five years the celebrity cult is forever influencing society throughout the media, and it has left a rather bitter taste in our mouths. The majority now crave the ‘perfect look’ but more importantly, perfect teeth. Dentists are astonished at how many clients ask for teeth like someone else, and that someone else being a well known celebrity. The celebrity obsession has positively boosted the dental and orthodontic industry. You have to be extremely lucky to have a straight set of natural pearly whites, but there is no harm in spending money to achieve a beautiful smile that a London orthodontist is happy to give.

While celebrities can spend up to £10,000 on dental and orthodontic work, you can achieve the perfect smile without breaking the bank. With so many different treatments available, having your teeth straightened will not interfere with your day to day schedule all thanks to the flourishing orthodontists in London. The celebrity cult is rather detrimental in many ways, but it has resulted in many people seeking dental treatment not only for appearance reasons, but for oral and hygiene reasons too. Stats show that 56% of the population consider orthodontic treatment for self esteem issues. First impressions always count and it’s what we always remember. Who wouldn’t want David Beckhams dazzling smile?

It isn’t just communication devices that feature cutting-edge technology in today’s world, the dental industry is starting to get ‘smart’. There’s an up and coming type of brace called the ‘smart bracket’, a orthodontic treatment that includes microchips inside the brackets in order to detect how much force is needed on the tooth’s interface. The main aim being to reduce time, money and discomfort for the patient, this has become increasingly popular among celebrities. However this is a rather expensive process. There is of course the regular braces people are accustomed to, which many are horrified by, and now only chosen by some. The ceramic braces are clear and blend to the natural tooth’s enamel, these are the most popular among adolescents as these are visually appealing. The idea of lingual braces are tempting at first due to them being fitted at the back of the teeth so they are virtually invisible, but this type of brace can lead to discomfort and complications such as speech problems and damage to the tongue. Finally, the Invisalign brace is totally invisible, hence the name, and is the best for oral hygiene as it is easy to remove when eating, brushing and flossing. This type of brace is best for people whose orthodontic treatment isn’t too complicated as it is a gradual yet effective process. All these types of braces are available from London orthodontists , guaranteed to give you the perfect celebrity smile.

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