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Therapy Trends Consensus Outlook: Hepatitis C

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Understand the Unique Benefits of Consensus Outlook: Hepatitis C
Produce robust plans based on independent, unbiased, reliable drug sales forecasts
Numbers you can trust - base your market view on critical insights uncovered from sources with unrivalled market knowledge and intimacy Always up-to date product sales forecasts. Introduce another level of confidence into your projections
Visualise and correlate the impact future events will have on driving the commercial success of your products versus those of the competition
Focus on the products, companies and catalysts that will define the future market landscape
Chart the trends that are likely to play out over the next five years Mark your calendar with the listing of key events to watch

Mapping Future Events to Product Sales Forecasts

The forecast analysis report component of Consensus Outlook: Hepatitis C delivers a rich analysis of product-level sales forecast data and of the future events that underpin the forecasts. The product of meticulous FirstWord research, its historical sales data (2006-11) is based on company information, and the nine-year (2012-20) product level sales forecasts are consensus projections derived from a comprehensive selection of continually assessed equity research reports.

The report combines independent, unbiased, accurate forecasts with invaluable insights into factors that impact future product performance, backed-up by research of analysts who have an unrivalled level of intimacy with the market, the players, their products and their strategies.

Report Features:
Historical HCV sales from 2006-2011
Forecast HCV sales from 2012-2020
Key competitors and drug developers
Predicted product positioning
Current and late-stage pipeline drugs
Future event mapping to forecast data points
Comparative clinical trial results

Forecast Data Model

Interactive Product and Market Forecast Data Model
HCV forecast model presents product sales and market size data for the period 2006-2020 in a rich set of tables and charts covering the following key parameters:
Market size
Product sales
Company forecasts
brand, and drug class Mechanism of action Future events

Event-driven Forecast
Forecast and Analysis Updated Within Days of Major Market Events
Stay a step ahead with Therapy Trends Consensus Outlook updates. Over the next 12 months, you will receive updated market analysis and forecast reports each time a major market event breaks. Updates will be delivered straight into your inbox within days of each event's occurrence.

Whether it's a predicted product approval or an unexpected late stage failure, Therapy Trends has the resources and knowledge to keep you up to date with the latest market analysis.

An approach backed by unrivalled knowledge ad Market intimacy
For each Therapy Trends report, FirstWord analysts produce a data analysis module, a Consensus Outlook, which provides annual historical and forecast, product-level sales data. Historical sales data is derived from company information, while the five-year (2012-16) product level sales forecasts are consensus projections derived from a comprehensive selection of continually assessed equity research reports.

Once a Therapy Trends data module is published, FirstWord analysts subsequently collate and evaluate the latest relevant reports published by equity research analysts and feed relevant updated forecasts into the Therapy Trends forecast model.

Consensus forecasts derived from the leading equity research analysts reflect the most up-to-date assessment of the pharmaceutical market, with equity analyst models updated to reflect a broad spectrum of events and catalysts, which range from the publication of quarterly financial results to in-depth discussions with leading key opinion leaders (KOLs). Consensus forecasts also act as an excellent benchmark against which other projections – produced either internally or by other third parties – can be assessed.

Equity research teams utilize a selection of analytical frameworks to generate product level forecasts, focusing heavily on patient and event based modelling. In addition to consensus forecasting, FirstWord Therapy Trend data modules also collate and analyse the key future events that are anticipated to impact product level forecasts and shape the broader context of a specific disease area – to produce a 'consensus calendar' of events designed to help inform FirstWord clients on how the market will evolve.

Leading equity research analysts have a deep intimacy with the prescription pharmaceutical market and the companies they cover; supported by unrivalled research resources, this highly analytical insight extends to the product franchises of these companies (driven by a 'bottom-up' forecasting methodology) and the strategic protocols being pursued by company management.

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Therapy Trends Consensus Outlook: Hepatitis C


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