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OTC Pediatrics - US

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The OTC pediatrics category has estimated total U.S. 2012 sales of $1.4 billion with an increase of 7.5% versus a year ago. As impressive at that figure is, it would undoubtedly be even larger if not for a number of recalls in recent years from high-profile companies such as Johnson & Johnson. Any type of recall can be a cause for concern, but when it involves products where the end user is a child, it can test a parents confidence in a product and ultimately their brand loyalty. That being said, there are other market factors that will influence the future performance of OTC pediatrics. As the healthcare debate rages on in this country with some uncertainty as to how it will ultimately be decided, consumers will likely be responsible for more effectively managing their healthcare. It is quite possible that this will lead to more use of OTC pediatrics, as families with children are typically on a tighter budget and may be reluctant to make a doctor visit unless it is absolutely necessary. When dealing with minor ailments, OTC pediatrics may indeed suffice.

Given the size of the category, it is clear that OTC pediatrics is an important market to both manufacturers and retailers. With this in mind, Mintel has taken an in-depth look at the category to examine the factors that have the greatest potential to both negatively and positively impact it. Among the critical topics examined in this report are:

* What market drivers are likely to have the greatest impact, and what can manufacturers and retailers do to effectively manage challenges and maximize opportunities?

* What do purchasers of OTC pediatrics consider to be the most important factors when making a purchase decision? In general, what is their attitude toward private label given the troubles that some name brand manufacturers have had in terms of quality control?

* Which segments have been performing best, and which ones have been holding the category back? Who are the top brands and what are they doing to stay on top?

* Which retail channels are conducive to the sale and merchandising of OTC pediatrics? How have the various store formats been performing of late, and what if anything can be done to operate more effectively?

* What are some of the leading brands doing in terms of marketing strategies, and what lessons can other marketers learn from them? What role, if any, do emerging marketing tools such as Facebook and YouTube play in trying to connect with key target audiences?

* How much of a role do demographic factors (e.g., age, household income, gender, and race) have on consumers buying habits?

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OTC Pediatrics - US


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