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A Quick Look at Selling Mineral Rights in Texas

by queenieregner

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If you're hot on selling your mineral rights in Texas, it's a great idea to be familiar with their worth. Note, nevertheless, that the value isn't fixed; it could alter as surely as the weather does. For mineral holders like you who wish to offer their mineral rights, here's a deeper look at the elements that affect the worth of mineral rights.


Is there a difference in between owning mineral rights in Oklahoma and Texas? Geology states there is. Whether or not hydrocarbon compounds (oil) exists beneath your land and to just what level relies on different attributes of your land's subterranean geology. The closer you are to recognized hydrocarbon buildups, the better your mineral rights will be.

Producing and Non-Producing Mineral Rights

The presence or lack of manufacturing is additionally a considerable influence that impacts exactly how mineral rights are valued. Mineral rights that are producing oil and gas (producing mineral rights) have greater value than mineral rights that have no present cash flow associated with them (non-producing mineral rights). Non-producing minerals are valued just as an option on the concept that there could be oil and gas to be discovered and made in that area in the future.


Just like other things, size matters when you sell your royalties. This applies to the tract of land that you have mineral rights to. Looking from an oil business's perspective, for the same amount of effort (exploration, perforating, hydraulic fracturing, setting up of manufacturing equipment), the company could get even more worth for the investment when working with lessors that have 100 to 1000 acre tracts than with those possessing 1 to 10 tracts of land. Based on this reasoning, mineral owners with larger tracts would naturally have the ability to sell their mineral rights for greater amounts.

Oil and Gas Costs

At the end of the day, economics will fulfill a role in approximating the value of mineral rights. Oil and gas commodity rates may and will influence the amount that your mineral rights are worth. As these rates fluctuate on a daily basis, the worth of mineral rights can shift dynamically gradually.

To ensure that you get optimum value for your mineral rights, correct timing and research are needed. You cannot anticipate to get much from your mineral rights if the market has actually flunked into its lowest level. For more information, go to

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