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Are You a Diehard Fan of Football Cards or Moshi Monsters

by chunkyjunkie

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Different people have different kinds of interests. Some may have interest in singing, some in dancing and some in games and sports. People interested in respective fields always try to collect memorable of their favorite performers and stars. This habit of collection sometimes fetches them good amount of money, as they may have collections which are very rare or once in a life editions. So, collections linked with hobbies and interests are no lesser then collecting antiques as, these can be stored as memories of your favorite sports star and can also bring in some fortune for you if they are rare.


Collection of Football Cards

A very good number of people around the globe are big fans of football and very often collect football cards. Although, these cards can look like any other ordinary football cards, but their worth can rise manifolds if any of them is signed by a player.


People, who are diehard fans of a team or player can pay any amount to add that particular piece of collection into their’s. Also, if the cards are very old and are printed only once or for any one special match, then it will be really very difficult for the fans to get them and will surely fetch a good price to the collector. The price of football cards also depends on the condition in which they are. If the cards are in mint condition, then they are assumed to be in good condition and will fetch good amount. But, if the cards are very old or are not in good condition, then the price will also fall steadily.


Fantasy about Moshi Monster

The online gaming world was taken by storm when an amusement company launched Moshi monster in 2007, an online game for children aged between 6 and 18. It is believed that every 3 seconds one child signs up for this game and becomes a diehard fan of this game.


In this game, a child has the option of choosing one cute adaptable pet monster out of six such monsters available for choice and gives it a name. Also, it can be nurture according to wish of the gamer. After nurturing and proper training, this monster can be navigated in the monstrous world and many tasks are performed by it. Now, the company has gone one step further and has developed this game for mobile phone users and now it can be accessed and played on any mobile application at any given point of time.

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