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Whoever owns horse/horses ought to own horse trailers, the specially designed vehicles, which are meant for transporting the horse(s) to different places. The number of horses that has to be accommodated determines the size of the trailer. It is, indeed, cost effective to buy a used horse trailer in good condition rather than a new one. Some tips on buying used horse trailers would certainly render great deal of help.

Bear Wear and Tear in Mind:

Whether you buy a used car or a used horse trailer, you should be prepared to spend for some wear and tear. Buying a used horse trailer and spending for minor repair works is still cost effective rather than buying a new one!  On the other hand, do avoid buying a horse trailer which would incur major repair works.

Prefer Aluminum to Steel:

      Always prefer the aluminum horse trailers to the steel ones, as steel is prone to rusting. Also, aluminum being a lighter metal consumes lesser fuel than steel. While buying a used aluminum trailer, ensure that the flooring of the vehicle which bears the entire weight of your pet is not chalky white. If it is chalky white, it is better to drop off the idea of buying it!

Size of the Trailer:

      The size of the trailer is, indeed, determined by the number of horses that has to be accommodated. Bigger trailers would incur more fuel cost. Also, a bigger trailer has to be driven with caution especially when approaching bends and turns. Consequently, parking becomes a problem!

Strong Framework:

       The foremost thing in buying a used horse trailer is monitoring its framework as it forms the very foundation of the vehicle. Ensure that the framework is free from spots and other signs that might pose potent threats to the safety of the vehicle. Also, be assured that the framework is not tilting to one side as it is an indication of some major fault

Tyres and Brakes:

       Use a pressure gauge to monitor the pressures of all the tyres. Ensure that all tyres bear equal pressure. As how you would not fail to check the brake while buying a used car, likewise you should oversee the brake of the horse trailer. A defective brake might even prove to be fatal!


Accessories for the Horse:

      After buying a horse trailer, the owner can buy some important accessories which would make the travel hassle free for the horse. An entry ramp is advised to facilitate the entry of the horse. It is advisable to buy a head cap for the horse which would protect its head from dashing against the roof of the vehicle while approaching road bumps. Trailer pads protect the animal from bumping against the walls of the trailer. With the help of a bungee cord, all loose items can be tied up thoroughly. Keeping an emergency kit in the trailer is mandatory so as to ensure that the horse gets first aid, in case of an accident.

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