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The Facts about Ottawa Decks

by marvelfarias

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Standing a minimum of four to six stories high, the Western Red Cedar is among the most widely-used varieties of lumber in North America. For various uses, including making Ottawa decks, a single, developed Western Red Cedar could produce as much as 450 cubic meters of lumber. The Western Red Cedar's color and polish are as organic as the tree itself.

There are only a few locations in Canada where you can get legitimate red cedar, usually along the coastline of British Columbia. Thanks to lasting practices in harvesting these trees for lumber, the tree is of the very least issue as per the IUCN Red List. Western Red Cedar is known to live for a thousand years, with the oldest of its kind at almost fifteen centuries old. This reveals one of its key attributes, long-term toughness.

Natural finish
The reddish-brown appearance of Western Red Cedar isn't the work of artificial varnish; it's integral in the wood itself. The lumber has its very own storage space of natural formaldehydes deep in the heartwood that safeguard it from insects and lasting decay. Professionals say the ability of the tree to make such preservatives increases in age, making older red cedar more immune to decay.

Fundamental fire resistance
Western Red Cedars are additionally fire resistant. Its fire resistance price sits above the bare minimum for many building codes in both the U.S. and Canada. Under UBC and BOCA codes, Western Red Cedar is rated at Class II with a flame spread rating of 69. Sometimes, decking providers apply finishes to their products to further enhance the material, as well as improve its look.

All-weather ability
Not all selections of wood have the very same level of all-weather resistance as Western Red Cedar, which is additionally utilized in Ottawa fencing. The reality that it has been thriving for years, show its durability in the face of different onsets from Mother Nature. Also when felled and turned into lumber, this wood still oppose the harshest of weather condition. Western Red Cedar is, hence, commonly made use of as an outdoor fixture.

For even more info about Western Red Cedar, you can easily go to the official web site of the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association (WRCLA) at The website offers current details on this outstanding tree and explanations for its popularity.

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