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Keep Your Environment Fresh with Bio Based Lubricants

by steveaustien

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Over the past two decades, people have become more aware about their environment and its importance. This revolution of making the environment healthy has renewed interest in vegetable oil-based lubricants. The use of vegetable oils has been practiced for many years for lubrication purposes but after the discovery of petroleum and the availability of other expensive oils, these alternatives did not seem very attractive. Attention was refocused on vegetable oils because of oil shortage situations. Because of excellent lubricity, vegetable oils can be used as lubricants in their natural forms.  Vegetable oils are biodegradable because these are less toxic, renewable and reduce dependency of people on expensive petroleum oils. The bio based lubricants offers considerable public relation benefits within the agricultural community and to most of the industrial machinery users.

Some specialties of these bio based Lubricants include their biodegradable nature, low vitality, less toxicity, high fire/flash point and their eco-friendly nature. The bio Lubricants are manufactured from natural raw materials. The main sources used for manufacturing these lubricants are soya beans. We all know the importance of soya beans as it is also being used in our daily routine as oil, vegetable and other uses. The other name is ‘canola’, which is also being used to manufacture bio Lubricants.


Canola oil comes from the canola plant seeds. Canola seeds are pressed to extract the oil contained within the seed. The origin of canola oil is Canada. The specialty of canola oil is that it is heart healthy. It is high in cholesterol-lowering mono-unsaturated fat, low in saturated fat, and the best source of omega-3 fats. Canola oil is used all around the world, as it is popular for its high smoke point and there is less risk of fire. Because of its chain polymers canola is the highest quality oil for manufacturers of plastics. Canola oils can broadly be found in two forms, Expeller pressed canola oil and Canola-based Biodiesel.

Expeller pressed canola oil

This form of canola oil is really useful and is manufactured by pressing the canola seeds mechanically using a combination of heat and friction that allows for a healthier result. Expeller pressed canola oil is the perfect alternative of using chemical solvents to extract oil.

Canola-based Biodiesel

This bio based lubricants is an environment friendly fuel that has impressive quality of life attributes, can be renewed and is considered as good for health as it minimizes the emissions of sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and particulate matters. The use of canola based Biodiesel can help improve the quality of air in the environment. This reduction of the harmful chemicals may help offset the health risk associated with the inhalation of air pollutants.



Use of canola oil biodiesel can play a vital role in minimizing the extent of pollution prevailing in the environment and leading a healthy life. For more info:

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