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Make Your Own Criteria for an Online Key Store

by anonymous

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Dealing with an online key store is like buying a toy made in China. They are cheap, heck they might even be free, but there is a latent risk if you are not careful about what you are doing. The Internet is laden with scams that are meant for “phishing,” or to get information from you through an executable program that skims off valuable information from your system. If by any chance you managed to click okay and activated the virus, you won’t even know that there’s already a harmful invader on your computer sending private information the hackers can use to steal your identity.

Sounds legitimate

Imagine this scenario: a website offers a Diablo 3 Cd Key that you can download on site. The download was completed without a hitch but before you can activate the code, however, you are prompted with this message.

“To authenticate you code, you must first provide a copy of your ID, passport or one of your billing statement that matches the information in your ID.”

When pressed for your private information, you would be running the other way, right? But you won’t believe just how many have been duped into acceding to the request. Among the main reasons are ignorance, for one, and second is that those who download are actually in their early teens who have no idea about the dangers their actions might cause.

What you need from the vendor

First, you should be wary about any website that doesn’t have the option for physical delivery of the Diablo 3 CD key. When everything is being done online—from downloading, activating and paying—you should double up on your verification process. There should also be a guarantee of refund or replacement if the key doesn’t work.

Legitimate steam alternatives offer technical support (preferably 24/7 but that is not always the case) to their customers through chat, email or telephone. It doesn’t mean that websites that don’t have technical support are any less legitimate but when you are dealing with virtual strangers, you need all the assurances you can get.

Privacy policy

When you are buying online, phishing is a real and present danger. You should always protect yourself when choosing because after you have chosen the right vendor, the rest of the security process will be handled by the online key store. Apart from the very competitive pricing scheme, the service provider should have a privacy policy that should protect your sensitive information from hackers and identity thieves. One wrong move can portent disaster as identity theft has already victimized millions of people in the US alone. And once you become a victim of identity theft, it will take from one to six months for you to complete the tiresome process of reclaiming your identity

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