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by liyo89

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Think you're a failure because you’re one of the 78% of Brits who’ve already broken yet another New Year's resolution?  Well, spring has sprung and your second chance for 2013 is here!  On the first day of spring (March 20th), Britain’s fastest-growing goal-setting site will launch its latest weapon against broken goals and the inevitable self-loathing it brings… are you and your friends up for a Group Goal Challenge? 



Whether you’re one of the 7 million people who want to give up smoking, or you’re among the 17 million who want to lose weight, or you’re one of the 47% of us who dream of a better job, Spring is the perfect time for re-evaluating your life and setting a goal



Leading research in the U.S. recently found that writing your goals down, sharing them with friends and charting your progress nearly doubles your chances of succeeding.  Based on this self improvement study, is launching a fantastic new feature – the Group Goal Challenge.



Group Goals are a feature on that allow Brits up and down the country to challenge their friends to complete the same personal goal within a set deadline – from getting fit to paying off debts to learning a new skill.  What would your goal be?



How the Group Goal Challenge works…



If you’re a life coach, or someone who wants to change their life, it's simple.  Just choose to create a Group Goal, enter a title and a deadline and then send the challenge out to your chosen friends.  When they accept, will create a GoalZone for each of you where you can make to-do lists, set milestones, update your pals on how well you’re doing and even view books, videos and articles that specifically relate to your goal - all of which Wishbomb sources for you.  No need to trawl the web for yourself – that's what the site’s for!



By letting friends chat, cheer each other on, share tips and techniques and access all the useful resources that Wishbomb offers, the Group Goal Challenge makes goal-setting simple, fun and social.  But who are we kidding – the biggest incentive will be knowing that if you don’t succeed, you’ll never hear the end of it from your mates!  And to make things really interesting, you can even set a forfeit as an extra incentive!



Gema Hale wanted to push herself physically:

“My friends and I wanted to lose weight and get fit so we challenged each other to run a half-marathon without stopping to walk within six months.  Anyone who didn’t complete the Group Goal would have to buy the others dinner!  Wishbomb works because it sourced training regimes, useful books and free videos to help us get fit.  Now I’m training for my first marathon!” 



So whatever you want to change in your life, the Group Goal Challenge on is the sure-fire way to maximise your chances of succeeding and have fun with your mates!



The Group Goal Challenge launches on 20th March 2013 on – the fun, free goal setting site where friends help each other to achieve their goals.

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