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Being Familiar with E Cigarettes and Why They're a Lot Bette

by baileymccloud

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A lot of people have tried smoking at one point in their life. Others could have used it as a stress reliever, and for some, it could have also been due to peer pressure. Whatever way you put it, the popularity of the cigarette has turned the tobacco industry as one of the more rewarding markets on the planet, with more than $ 500 billion in profits recorded.

Having said that, the rise in the number of cigarette smokers has precipitated a greater opposition to the vice. It's not unexpected to see or hear advertisements endorsing various cigarette brands—coupled by warnings about the risks of cigarette smoking. Many cigarette smokers know the health risks and may have been persuaded to end the habit, but there are also other people who can't really give up and require alternative ways to light up. It is because of this that battery-operated e cigarettes, also known as electric or electronic cigarettes, have become a trend in recent times.

It was in 1963 when Herbert Gilbert came up with the concept of a device that heated nicotine, but his plan did not really set off. Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik is greatly known as the person who provided the substructure for the design of the modern e-cig. His system involved an electric powered device that converted a nicotine solution into vapor, which helped the user inhale the nicotine into the bloodstream.

E-cigs generally have 4 main parts. At the far end of the device, where typical cigarettes are lit, is an LED light which signifies the battery's status—the next component up the line. The half closest to the mouth constitutes two intrinsic components: the atomizer, which heats the solution that is found in the 4th element, the cartridge (found in the cigarette butt).

E cigarette battery may be charged through a typical AC or USB power charger. Some companies can even supply customized cases that are of the same size as your everyday pack of cigarettes. Specific models supply reusable cartridges where the solution, which can be found in small plastic containers, is stored. The solutions can be available in various flavors, like chocolate and vanilla.

There's absolutely nothing inappropriate with trying out quality e cigarettes. By trading your traditional cigarette for an electronic one, you can keep away from the risk of poisoning your body with tar and other unsafe substances. To learn more, visit

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