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OMVIC Warns Buyers and Burlington Car Dealerships on Flood

by clintmoore

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After Hurricane Sandy attacked, the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC) released an alert to the public concerning car bargains that may be too good to be true. There's no telling how many autos damaged by the storm have managed to sneak deep into Canada. Given the close proximity of many Burlington car dealerships to the U.S. border, it aids to be attentive.

Hurricane Sandy was the 2nd costliest recognized typhoon to strike North America; its total loss around $ 50 billion short compared to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. When the hurricane moved inland and left a ravaged East Coast, it at some point headed toward Ontario. Thereby, a number of automobiles in the area were submersed and ruined by floods.

The issue now is that these flood-damaged automobiles are being sold dirt cheap to unwitting customers who only want to take advantage of an excellent deal. AAA spokesperson John Nielsen views this as major problem, because the damage caused by floodwater on a vehicle is possibly beyond any holistic repair work. The most commonly afflicted parts in these sorts of cars are the engine and drive train.

Rough pollutants in floodwater, Nielsen said, may damage crucial parts of the auto like the engine. They can seep into the narrow gaps and cavities of the automobile where the abrasives can inflict considerable damage. Other than that, there is also the threat of floodwater mixing with oil and break fluids also.

Under the Ontario Motor Vehicle Dealer's Act, auto dealerships are necessitated to make a total and full disclosure on all deals for auto sales in Burlington. Nevertheless, due to the fact that Ontario law regards flood-damaged cars as beyond repair, a number of curbsiders and private vendors decline to expose the real condition of the vehicles they sell. This is because these autos are almost deadweight. In fact, professional auto dealerships in the area will tell you that efforts at fixing damages may cost much more than a car's real worth.

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