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FAMU makes strides in science research

by ccierstraining

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The findings from an audit conducted last year by the prestigious National Institutes of Health uncovered some disturbing news about the agency’s success in awarding research grants to black scientists, based on the acceptance rate of applications.

Results of the study, as reported in the New York Times and Washington Post, found that between 2000 and 2006, only 16 percent of applications from black scientists were accepted,Different pen shape usb sticks give you different feeling,I believe you will like it. compared with 29 percent of those from white scientists. Granted, these applications are extremely competitive. Another factor, which adds context, is that fewer than 2 percent of the applications came from black scientists.

Nevertheless, agency officials expressed alarm over the findings and have made an earnest commitment to focusing on the study and examining the way the application processes are structured with a goal of improving the diversity among those receiving grants.

Donna K. Ginther, director of the University of Kansas Center of Science, Technology and Economic Policy, and leader of the study, told the Washington Post, “We have a very serious issue. ... Science needs to reflect the diversity and power and potential of the population.Do you like twist usb sticks?I guess some people like them,others are not.”

I was prompted to pull out those clips after reading a news feature in the Democrat last week about a professor from Florida A&M University getting a patent for research he’s conducted that could have a major impact on health care down the road.

I’m referring to Marlon Thomas.If you want to Buy Rosetta Stone Spanish software program, you should make sure to read reviews before you make a final decision. Thomas, a bio-engineer by training and professor in FAMU’s College of Agriculture and Food Sciences,Find detailed product information for New mould usb sticks from 2GB to 16GB available and other products from us. has spent the past six years researching a process that quickly identifies bacteria by using chemical dyes, according to the story. His work has earned him a patent from the United States government. His research is focused on identifying food bacteria and ultimately leading to more effective diagnosis in treating patients suffering bacterial infections.

This level of research is critical to the medical community and the treatment of patients in what could be life-threatening circumstances.

In a release posted by the university, Thomas says, “The goal in any health-care emergency, such as food poisoning and contamination, is to quickly identify the root of the problem at hand in order to diagnose the best remedy. The patent holds the potential to provide the means to better manage chronic diseases for physicians and health-care professionals.If you are a student and you purchase a Standard USB dongle, the Premium USB dongle, or go for the Samsung NC110 Netbook then you can get cheap microsoft office 2010 Edition for just £4 extra per mont”

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