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Defending Plastic Produce Bags versus the Ban

by pearliemcilvaine

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A number of states in the U.S. have started to prohibit using plastic bags in supermarkets and some other businesses. Parts of the country have been cluttered by these bags and some say that it's the right time to put an end to their use. Still, some dissenters ask if the popular fad in plastic ban is actually the solution.

Todd Myers, environmental director at the Washington Policy Center, is among those skeptics. In a Wall Street Journal report, he asserted that there is's little to no proof of plastic bags being the main cause of contamination and death of marine life. This is a crucial argument to consider since some providers of produce bags have plastic variations. Myers said the buzz on prohibiting the plastic bag could be quite misplaced.

Cigarettes litter the ocean the most.

D.C.-based Ocean Conservancy ran an investigation on the types of trash one might ordinarily find in the world's ocean. At the peak of their yearly International Coastal Cleanup in 2011, individuals picked up just about 970,000 plastic bags along the world's shorelines. The numbers are significant, but it actually isn't as big as cigarettes and cigarette filters that amounted to over 1.9 million.

Plastic bags don't cost more.

Plastic bags definitely aren't free of charge; yet they're not really costly. Myers argued that, prior to the ban, supermarkets utilized plastic bags since they're more affordable; and their flexibility enables them to contain more items. An advantage of these bags is that you may reuse them plenty of times in a variety of situations-- a habit amongst a lot of individuals today.

There is little benefit in the restriction.

As a closing statement, Myers said that there's little for officials to gain from banning the use of plastic bags. With the restriction, he estimated that customers could save about $ 300,000 in carbon emissions and water for the cost of $ 10 million to switch to non-plastics. This certainly implies that the price of the benefit outweighs the advantages themselves. The problem, Myers claimed, is more on the plastic's image as opposed to its effect.

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