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Valves, Pipes and Pipe fittings for industries

by galagali

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Industrial valves, industrial pipes and pipe fittings are some of the major components used by different industries to complement various industrial applications. Several manufacturers in the market today are completely engaged fabricating these components to serve various industries such as Petrochemicals, Power, Construction, Marine, etc. These products are not only fabricated at a regular size but are often customized as per industry specification. Industrial valves, pipes and pipe fittings value so much to an industry that manufactures make sure that they use only high grade raw material.

Manufacturers of industrial pipes and pipe fittings prefer carbon steel as the main material. Carbon steel pipes and pipe fittings have proven to be durable and resistant to corrosion. Apart from using carbon steel, industrial pipes and pipe fittings are chosen on the basis of thermal resistance and galvanization as well. Different content of carbon steel values in the industrial pipes and pipe fittings entertain different requirement of various industries. Such properties render industrial pipes and pipe fittings with more strength, hardness and usefulness in long-term applications.

Certain manufacturers also specialize in crafting ERW pipes for their customers. The ERW pipes are actually electrical resistance welded pipes made using hot-steel strips. ERW pipes and tubes are mostly used for heavy industrial applications since they are processed through a variety of tests to ensure its high quality. Hence once it is confirmed after several rounds of quality test that ERW pipes or boiler tubes are of superior quality thereafter they can be used for scaffolding, engineering purpose, construction, etc. Alloy steel seamless pipe is another kind of pipe used at places where heavier and rigid pipes do not fit to the industrial application process. These seamless steel pipes are light in weight and useful for transportation of fluids.

Similarly industrial valves are also preferred on the basis of their quality, function and performance. There are several types of industrial valves such as ball valves, gate valves, forged valves, swing check valves, globe valves and butterfly valves. These valves are manufactured in different module as per industry specification. Most of these valves are suitable for low temperature and cryogenic services used by the industries such as metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, electric power etc. Industrial valves are used to turn on or off the movement of fluids or gases in the pipes, tubes, etc. A variety of material options are available with several manufacturers for industrial valves to define their body type or any other part.

Swastika Industries is a major manufacturer and supplier of high quality valves, pipe and pipe fittings for several other industries. The industry being based at Mumbai holds a reputable position in the market since its inception. The industry manufactures various modules of these components and supplies them to clients belonging to various sectors.

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