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MRI Equipments from MRI Audio for a Relaxed Scan

by mriaudio

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Medical technology has scaled heights, which cannot be equaled to anything. MRI Accessories and MRI Equipment, nevertheless, due to their expediency for producing first-rate images of the patients are very much in demand.But, it is to be noted that during diagnostic imaging, if there is even a trivial anxiety or disquiet in the patient’s mind, it can essentially reproduce and not produce accurate results.


MRI Equipment from MRI Audio:

MRI Audio has come up with a very fascinating conception of introducing soothing and relaxing music to the ears of the patient going for a scan. The headphones, RSNA patient comfort plansand MRI Pneumatic sound systems, used during the scans are for the patients to be relaxed and ease out their pressure and anxiety that may crowd their minds, fearing the worst as they face MRI Equipment. Hence, MRI Audio has understood that music if played through MRI Electrostatic headphones can soothe the patients and bring out simply outstanding results. This helps in reducing the cost of double scans, which may be needed if the first imaging is incorrect or even with a slight variation.   

The MRI audio systems made by us are muted and very effective for increasing your ROI apart from the satisfaction of the patients who are diagnosed through scan. Other than supplying diagnostic clinics with equipments, the company also undertakes conscientiousness to service and repair without any hassle.


Now, let us look at other equipments and services offered by MRI Audio for patient’s comfort:

MRI Pneumatic sound:

This is a distinctive technique by which your music from iPod or CD is directed to the patient during the scan. This non-ferrous ceramic funnel speaker is idyllic for comforting sound and the lever switches to enable noiseless automation.


MRI Patient Microphone:

When a patient undergoes MRI Scan, he or she may feel claustrophobic or secluded. Either case is hazardous as it causes irreversible damage to the diagnosis results. Consequently, the microphone assists the patients to speak to the technologists, who can reassure the patients in case he is much stressed and comfort him instead of terminating the scan abruptly.


Custom iPods:

These iPods are the best in offer for MRI technician to handle and control the playlist and music, and even break-free internet radio for the patients to be drawn into the world of music and enjoy instead of being apprehensive about the scan process and suffer isolation.


The Lease or Buy option:

Of all the products presented by MRI Audio, in accordance with RSNA 2012, this is the ultimate as the products can be purchased or simply taken on lease, tried at the clinics and paid per use.

Overall, your clinic will be significantly benefitted by reducing the cost ofdouble scans by using MRI Audio’s MRI accessories and headphones, which are guaranteed to provide substantial comfort and do away with discomfort caused to the patients.

These MRI Equipments are used by admired clinics and they have benefitted the throughput using them.


Mr. Spencer Howe is an expert in MRI audio sound system. He has years of experience to treat patients with the gift of music. He writes about variousMRI Pneumatic and MRI Electrostatic.

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