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Seattle Roofing Tips: Reasons to Use Slate Roofing

by joannebarragan

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Just two of the many areas in Washington that get abundant rain all-year round are Tacoma and Seattle. Extreme rainfall can trigger considerable roof damage as it can speed up the deterioration of roof materials and ultimately cause leaks. If you stay in these two places, it's extremely suggested to replace your existing roof with slate roofing.

Slate is a metamorphic rock made from clays and minerals that have been exposed to substantial pressure over a prolonged period of time, consequently resulting in a rather strong material. Slate roofs are slowly getting popularity among lots of property owners because of their various conveniences. Professionals suggest that these roofs be installed by a reliable Seattle roofing contractor to maximize the following conveniences:


Slate roofs are a true blessing for those who stay in rainy cities like Seattle and Tacoma. Slate is practically waterproof and impervious to mold and mildew growth, rotting, and insects. Residents with slate roofing can have assurance knowing their roof is safe from leaks despite how horrific thunderstorms can become.


The last thing home owners would like is to let their expenses pile up. Slate roofs gives a solution to this call as they can last a lifetime considering that they are given proper and regular maintenance. As a matter of fact, an article on Traditional Roofing Magazine cites that that it's sensible for home owners to expect that slate roofs can last for up to 150 years.


Homeowners frequently sacrifice visual appeal simply to keep their residences well-protected, but this is not an issue when it concerns slate roofing. Slate roofs come in a broad variety of colors that develop a unique appearance. Blue-gray, gray, dark purple, brick purple, black, and different shades of green are just a few of the colors provided for slate roofing.

In an ideal world, rainy days can be driven away with the "Rain, rain, go away" song. Seeing that it's never possible in real life, the very best anyone can do to take care of frequent rains is to install a long-lasting slate roof with the support of a Tacoma roofing contractor. If you would like to check out more on slate roofing systems, go to

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