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Sell Any House, Anywhere In The UK!

by declannash

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Do you fancy yourself owning a haunted house?! Great for Halloween parties, but not so great for sales pitches... Sometimes your house can indeed appear to be cursed when you are trying to sell it and you suddenly realize it could do with a new layer of fresh paint, new floors and a new oven. This in conjunction with the market being down and you needing to sell fast isn’t exactly encouraging.

If you have the time and enough money to make your house look great, selling your house on the traditional market is easy enough. If you want a fast sale though, this can prove tricky. Especially if there are some problems with the house itself that you can’t fix before selling it.

When you are short of time and want to sell your property today, selling for cash is a good option. What selling for cash truly means is that you will be able to sell your property with a company like our own within a week, or less.

If you choose to sell your property for cash someone else will deal with all the legal stuff and the paperwork, there will be no estate agents charging you high rates, or potential buyers wanting to see your property at any hour. A cash sale is a guaranteed way to sell your house in any market, fast and effortlessly.

The reason companies like ourselves can guarantee you to sell property for cash within a week, no matter what state it is in, is because we have access to a large pool of buyers who are looking to invest in houses. This means that they don’t need your house to be ready to move into - they are happy to buy a house as is and then fix it up as they see fit.

The setback if you so like with selling houses for cash is that it will be sold for about 85-95% of its actual value. However, you won’t have to pay lawyer’s fees, estate agents, or do any repairs. Nor do you have to waste time having potential buyers around to view your house. You simply sell your house within a week, or less. If you want to move quickly and aren’t prepared to sell your house for peanuts to the first person you can find, this is an excellent option.

What you have to watch out for when sell your house for cash is the potential scammers out there. Those are companies, or individuals, that offer to buy your house for cash, but then charge you for their services. This should not be the case as they are already making money on the actual sale. If their offer seems ridiculously high chances are also that they will change it last minute when you have no other option than to sell

At TRP Properties we offer free valuation for any house. If you are looking into selling your house for cash we recommend getting in touch to discuss the process. We never pressure you to sell to us either, we simply like to give you a quote so that you know what your options are! And remember - we buy any house! / we buy any property


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