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Hongxing Heavy Industry Rises in the Economic Crisis

by anonymous

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1. Now the world economy fell into the abyss of economic crisis, up to now, the state has lasted almost a year. For the increasingly competitive mining machinery manufacturing enterprise, the coming of economic crisis was undoubtedly more serious. At this point, if the enterprise wants to continue to survive, which requires not only the strength, endurance, but also a wise leadership leads enterprise to strive in the right direction. Darkness before dawn is the hardest pain, but Hongxing heavy industry did. What kind of selection determines the kind of life. Life today is decided by our choice three years ago; our decision today will determine our lives three years later. We choose to contact with the latest information, learn about the latest trends, so as to better create our own future.
2. Who can turn the crisis into an opportunity, which will be able to tide over the crisis? In this perilous time, government timely adjusts the economic development of the country, and decided to invest 4 trillion of funds to boost demand. 1.5 trillion is invested on infrastructure construction, 1 trillion for earthquake reconstruction. Hongxing heavy industry seized the development opportunities in a timely manner, and actively develop equipment that is suitable for the construction of the high-speed railway and the construction of new countryside of tapered broken, broken equipment, such as mobile crushing station, construction waste crushing production line was launched, which has brought new development opportunities for the company.
3. Hongxing heavy industry firmly seizes the historical opportunity of good policies, under the correct leadership of the yang manager, we actively make technological innovation and increasingly strengthen the efforts to develop and research equipment, which lays a solid foundation for stepping a new stage of our company. Believe that the development of hongxing heavy industry will not stop by the economic crisis, and will open up a new world, to a new stage of development.

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