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Floor Standing Speakers for Outstanding and Powerful Audio

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Powerful audio is one of the key elements to any form of entertainment, sans which it is either of very little or no value. Watching something without any sound kind of looks funny and does not give the complete meaning. Thus the role of audio speakers is greatly important when it comes to entertainment. Providing us a relief from our hectic schedules and activities, recreation gives us some pleasure and helps us to recharge to get back to our work in a better frame of mind.

Some models of audio systems come with built in speakers, while they are separate in a home theatre system. It is a system in which audio / video equipments are connected together for outstanding entertainment with theatrical effect. The superior quality of the video without the perfect speaker system may lose its charm making it boring.

Are speakers alone enough to get good sound effects?

Speakers which are the main source of audio are teamed with a subwoofer to achieve surround sound effects. Home theatre speaker systems which are placed around the room for surround sound effects are available in categories like 5.1, 7.1 and so on. The digit 5, 7 represent the number of speakers which reproduce sounds of higher frequencies, while .1 denotes the number of subwoofer which is used to achieve strong and powerful bass with lowest distortion. The speaker wires also add a lot when it comes to the sound quality one wants to achieve. The design of the box in which the speaker is mounted is another factor that ads to the sound quality. This is critical as it effects the bass response. Teamed together they provide outstanding, powerful audio which brings the best music or audio effects of a video to your door step.

In exception to the basic speakers available today, there are many new ranges and designs getting introduced in the market. Apart from the floor standing speakers, wall mount speakers and wireless speakers the newly introduced in category are the docking stations, portable speakers and soundbar. Although, we compare the rating of performance and specifications to make a choice, one may look into the aesthetic values too. Floor standing speakers with their elegant appearance bring in stylish looks to the room. However, wireless speakers have become popular these days as we can get rid of the ugly cables without compromising on the quality of performance. We also have a choice of poratable speakers so that one doesnt miss on the music. Alongside a choice of buying a soundbar for that chic look of the LCD or the computer system or the docking station where you can plug the ipod/ipad and enjoy your music collection. Using Infrared or RF technology, these speakers can be spread out irrespective of obstacles like walls to enjoy music anywhere in the house.

Easy connection to various devices like TV, PC, DVD and MP3, makes F&D speakers popular. Spoilt for choice with wide range of speakers available, one can select these speakers based on their requirements. F&D offers superior quality speakers at affordable prices to bring home powerful and outstanding entertainment.

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