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Understand The Growth Process Of Hair For Perfect Hair Reduc

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Removal of body hair is the most common necessity in one’s life. This has made the hair removing industry a big one. There are hundreds of methods for doing this and thousands of people are using one of these methods. The most commonly used methods for the same is shaving. This is owing to its ease of use and low cost factor. However, it is quite a temporary solution and is not suitable for those who are looking for a permanent or a long lasting solution.


One very renowned and widely used method for the same is the laser hair reduction. As compared to other solutions, it is rather a permanent solution. In this method, a beam of light is targeted to a particular area. This light then targets a particular dark pigmented area. This pigment is the pigment of the hair follicle. Individuals who have light skin and dark hair are most benefitted with this method as darker hair has more pigment and thus are easily targeted.


This does not mean that people with lighter or gray hair cannot be treated but for them this method would rather be a hair reduction method.


When you are seeking some permanent hair removal methods, you must definitely know the hair grows in cycles. This is a very important thing a person must know before going for any of the treatments.


As a single point of time, no hair is at similar growth stage. There are different stages of a growth cycle and all the hair do not grow at single stage. When you use any of the hair removal methods, all the hair which is at the perfect growth stage will be removed leaving behind all the other hair. Therefore, in laser hair removal, you need to repeat the treatments at regular intervals so that all the hair can be a targeted at their perfect growth stage.


If you would not repeat the sessions at intervals, it may be possible that the follicles which were at rest phase during the time of treatment may now become active and grow in complete hair.


If you want to understand the growth concept of your hair, let’s take a look at the following facts:


In human head, 80-90% of hair are in continuous growth phase which is also known as anagen phase. This phase lasts between three to seven years.

The stage after this lasts only for two to four weeks. This stage is termed as a transitional stage and it comes just before falling off of her. 3% of all hair remain in this stage at a time. Technically, this stage is termed as catagen phase.


The final stage is the telogen stage which consists of about 15 % of total hair. In this stage hair easily fall off and after some time a new growth cycle can begin with that follicle.


The hair which is in the telogen phase are not treated and thus one should repeat the treatment as suggested by your Laser expert.


Once you will undergo, hair reduction through laser, you will realize how beneficial this technique is for other skin treatments also like wrinkle reduction, tattoo removal, etc.

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