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Hire Android Developer to Create Accessible Applications

by manishyadav

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Internet and technology have played a pivotal role in bringing about a social change in terms of behaviour and preferences that people have today. The web has facilitated the process of exchange of knowledge, communication and opportunities, which has transformed every aspect of human life in the 21st century.  Therefore, it is very much on the mark to exude that technological empowerment is the call of the year and every individual has the right to join this revolution in order to become better informed, enlightened and responsive.  Typically, a gadget and a device is manufactured keeping in mind the intellect and ability of an average user. But do the manufacturers of smart phones and portable computing devices justly address the needs of differently-able people? The answer to this question is a yes. Android is most popular mobile platform that has taken the smart phone world by storm. Having claimed a sizeable share of the smart phone and portable device market, Android supersedes its own standard by becoming an operating system that understands that not all users are alike and some of them have different needs.  There are Android application development companies that hire android developer to develop accessible applications for the platform.  
For example, in the 1.6 version of Android, the smart phone displayed certain features that allowed persons with low vision or perhaps no vision to use the device through speech recognition. By simply downloading a requisite application from the Android market, users with varied needs can make phone calls, send text message, receive alerts browse the Internet on the phone and much more.  Since Android phones are highly customizable, the phone is just right for a visually impaired individual, hearing-impaired person or the elderly.  
Making accessible application on Android is not a very challenging proposition. As an operating system, Android offers services and accessibility gestures that assist application developers to make highly accessible application. The Android accessibility features and services is inclusive of the following components: 
•Alternative navigation facility 
 •Text-to-speech facility  
•Hap tic feedback facility  
•Trackball facility  
•Gesture navigation facility  
•Directional –pad navigation facility  
The steps that a developer needs to undertake in order to make accessible application are quite simple. To being with, hire android apps developers who has the technical experience to creating Android application.  Make sure that he/she pays attention to the following instructions: 
•The Android developer must use android: content Description for adding descriptive texts in order to facilitate user interface control.  
•The Image Button, Image View and Check Box must receive particular thought during the course of developing accessible applications.   
•The user interface elements such as type or touch component should be able to realize through directional controller namely trackball, D-Pad and navigation key.  
•The audio notification must be coupled with visual notification so as to enable hearing-impaired users to respond to phone and text alerts.  
Adhering to these steps is quite crucial in making customizable and accessible apps for users with special needs.  Once the application is ready to use, it is highly recommended to test it before launching it in the market. Hire an Android developer who supports the entire project right through the development, testing, launching and post launch phase of developing the application. 

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