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Common mistakes made while designing websites

by kunwarpal

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With the advent of the internet the work of people has got easier than before and many companies are making huge profits out of that easy work. Wondering how the companies are making so much profit? Well the simple reason behind that is the development of websites that helps your company to get a worldwide recognition. Before uploading your website there are certain things you need to keep in mind so that it gets a good response. Here are some of the most common mistakes which people make when it comes to website designing:

• Poor navigation of the website- poor navigation is one of the most common problems that websites have and it is quite a big problem actually. When a visitor visits your website then it is important that he understand how to go through the website quickly. If they cannot do such a thing then it means that the website has a poor navigation and that might result in your company’s downfall. In order to not let that happen you can contact custom web designing Swansea because they are the best in this business. If the navigation of a website is good then the visitor is bound to spend some time in reading an exploring the website which is all you need to get hold of a prospective customer. This is where custom web designing is so valuable. You can actually demand what you want in your website.

• Make the website free from confusion- this point is also very important because sometimes the websites are rather confusing and people do not understand what to do in order to place an order or view the images. This should be avoided and each and every page of the website must get redirected to the home page.

• Avoiding long web pages- if you see some of the websites of different companies then you will see a common problem and that is very long web pages. The visitor has to scroll down a lot in order to get the required information. This can be very irritating because people normally want to get their work done in seconds and if he has to search so much then they can well visit another website containing related information. If you want then you can divide the information into various web pages. This will keep the visitor engaged in the website.

• Slow download time- there are times when the download time of the website is slow and that depends on the size of the website. For some of the best results you can get in touch with Website Design Company Swansea who will guarantee a fast website where the download time is faster than any other company. There are things which the size of a website depends on such as images, videos and various links.

• The inclusion of too many advertisements- when you are ordering a website for your company then it is quite obvious that you would want to make it a private one. Web design Swansea will ensure you that. They will not offer too much space for the inclusion of ads and as a result the website will be free from distractions. For More Detail Visit :

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