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The Electric Cigarette and Its Benefits On You

by elynieva

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Cigarette smoking is one of the worst addictions in the world. Considering the kind of risks it poses to the user, there is need for one to find a healthier option to avoid the vice. Quitting cigarette smoking is one of the hardest things to do. However, there now is an option that works for the better of the smoker. If you have been looking for a lasting solution for your smoking addiction, then the Electric cigarette is what you need to consider taking up. This technological option of smoking offers you a healthier and cheaper of smoking and getting what you look for, a fix of nicotine.


An electric cigarette is a creation that came up at the beginning of the 21st century and only now is it being taken up by thousands of cigarette smokers. This is because of the beneficial nature of the cigarette. The e-cigs are known and trusted for their health-risk free approach to getting a nicotine fix. Working through a process that gives forth a gaseous form of the nicotine, this option is free of any form of damaging elements and is in the purest form. Compared to the tobacco based cigs, which have over 4,000 chemical elements in it, the e-cig option has only one, nicotine.


Another beneficial thing about the electric cigarette option is the fact that it is much cheaper to you the user. A single cartomiser, the storage part of propylene glycol which is the liquid which releases the nicotine rich vapour once heated, is the equivalent of seven tobacco cigarettes. Doing the math, you realise that the e-option is more cost effective. This is also because the e-cig option comes in two categories, the disposable type and the reusable. A disposable usually gets used up after around 500 puffs; while with the reusable types can be reused over and over again by refilling the cartomiser as need arises.


An electric cigarette offers you so much more compared to the tobacco based one. While the tobacco ones can be found in less than three flavours, the electric cigarette can have over 7 different flavours to enjoy. You also are able to choose the amount of nicotine content you wish to intake. With different cartomisers offering different levels of nicotine to choose from, you can go for a mild, zero, or even strong nicotine content cartomisers. The other thing about the e-cig is that you can smoke anywhere you please. This is because they emit no smoke and have no smell, which in most cases irritates non-smokers.

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