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Understand The Technique Of Laser Hair Removal

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Hair always grows in cycles and there are many factors which contribute to their growth. These factors can be age, ethnicity, hormone level, medications and also the location of the hair on the body.


Let us understand the growth process of hair:


  • Anagen: this is the active phase in which hair grows. The hair grows in upward and downward conditions.
  • Catagen: it is the regression phase when the lower part of the hair stops growing but does not shed.
  • Telogen: it is the resting phase. There is no hair bulb. It will be pushed out by the new Anagen growing hair.


Laser hair removal process: This is a non-invasive procedure which helps in the removal of unwanted hair. These hairs are removed through long pulsed laser. For every individual, a different kind of laser is used. This parameter is decided by studying the anatomy of the hair follicle. After this, laser light and pulse duration are matched with the size, depth and location to inhibit its growth. This laser hair removal technique works for facial hair removal and permanent hair removal.


The process is accomplished by the trained laser technicians who directs its laser light to the skin. As we know, hair grows in different growth cycles, several treatments are necessary to destroy all follicles.



Is it suitable for all?



The process is efficient for both men and women for removal of unwanted hair. The process can be performed on hairline, sideburns, upper lip, lower lip, chin, ear lobe, underarm, buttocks, bikini line, legs, hands, etc.



Is it a removal or reduction process?



According to the FDA, the process has been defined as permanent reduction which means laser therapy will not remove every single hair. Some touch up like treatments are required once or twice a year to keep away any new regrowth of the body hair.


It is important that the patient follow following precautions:



  • Use aloe Vera after treatment to soothe your skin.
  • If you scrub your hair gently with a loofa, shedding process is activated.
  • There is no other way through which hair can be removed through the roots



How much time does it take to reach that new look?



One treatment cannot bring the desired results. You have to go for multiple treatments depending on the skin and hair color, density and coarseness of the hair.

Some additional treatments are required for those hairs which were earlier in dormant stage but now have become active.



Will there be any side effects?



Though, there are no long lasting side effects but there are certain effects like:

  • Normal itching during therapy
  • Temporary redness
  • Temporary swelling
  • Pain, tingling and numbness feeling



The laser hair removal process works on a certain principle and this principle is also used in other treatments like wrinkle reduction, tattoo removal, etc.

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