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Cervical Cancer Diagnosis with Help from a Trusted ObGyn

by chelsealeis

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The Houston Chronicle lately released a story about how a young single mother struggles in life to support her kids while taking care of cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is actually a common and curable cancer in its early stage but can spread to the uterus, vaginal wall and other parts of the body when not treated right away and suitably. Like all sorts of cancer, there is no known reason of cervical cancer although current medical researches reveal the primary danger factor is the human papillomavirus (HPV).

Women of childbearing age are suggested to obtain vaccinations against HPV to decrease the threat of cervical cancer. However, not all the recorded cases of cervical cancer are caused by HPV. For this reason, it is recommended they have yearly visits to a trusted ObGyn in Houston for pap smears which are required for cervical cancer screening.

To carry out a pap smear, the gynecologist will certainly take a sample cell from the female's cervix which is the lower part of the uterus. These cells are then analyzed under a microscope to locate any type of problems associated with the development of cancer. A pap smear can be a little discomforting, but with the help of a skilled Houston Ob-Gyn, the patient can go through this easy examination properly.

By finding cervical cancer in its early stage, women can improve their prognosis, go over therapies with their doctors and take actions to prevent the spread of cancer. The Centers for Illness Control and Avoidance says that cervical cancer affects females 30 years old and above so it's much better to know early. The very same agency states that based upon May 2012 data, about 12,000 females lose their life to the cervical cancer every year.

Apart from a pap smear, a wellness problem that requires the attention of a gynecologist is menorrhagia or profuse menstruation triggered by fibroid tumors, hormonal imbalance, and other factors. The gynecologist will certainly suggest examinations to examine the condition of the uterus to guarantee there are no indicators of uterine cancer. When the patient is cleared, the ObGyn can execute an endometrial ablation, a common medical procedure to stop hefty menstrual bleeding.

Ladies who experience urinary incontinence will additionally benefit from a gynecological checkup; a sign of this condition is urine leak when you cough or sneeze. See your relied on Ob-Gyn for any sort of women-related wellness issues. For more info, check out cdc. gov/cancer/cervical /.

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