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Revealing The Truth Behind Children Behavior Management

by laurafobler

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I normally find humor when people without kids begin to remark on the way they have to raise a kid should they ever have one. Every individual has their own master plan for controlling their kids when in reality being a parent is filled with mismanagement and unexpected instances. If you were to disagree with this statement I will cheer any person to pay out a Saturday afternoon at a popular toy store like Toys R Us and simply examine the parenting which is taking place. An entity shall soon start to identify not only many different parenting techniques but also many different child personalities.

Three popular styles of parenting which become most evident will be seen within control parenting, aggressive parenting, and out of control parenting. Few people are able to walk through the chaos of a toy store, while their kids have their hands in their pockets asking permission to touch everything. For few this is accomplished with bribery performed in the parking lot before entering the store. Most often aggressive parenting is executed with aggressive children simply because a parent struggles to keep control of their kid in any situation. One may wonder who was there first, the aggressive parent or the aggressive kid?

A third and very chaotic type of parenting shown is seen with the out of control parent who has no influence over the actions of their kids. They often seem lost or overly embarrassed but have no option to turn to at that time. What is significant to recognize is that when these behavioral patterns may be present that day, on another day roles will be switched where the in control parent now has out of control children and the out of control parent now has children who are in control.

Situations like this teaches us, parents, to be conscious of the consequences of our own activities. Even though a lot of parents have sound intentions, the consequences are not always as we wish them to be.

The very first step into becoming alert of our very own behavior, is to alter the way we look at our kid's behavior. Kids do not ‘behave' or ‘misbehave'. They just simply try to fulfill their needs. Parents normally tag their kids as being ‘good' or ‘bad'. Labeling kids like this, leads to all sorts of difficulties.

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