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How to Choose a Dissertation Editor

by bestarticles4you

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The function of a dissertation editor is to read and review content in a dissertation. A dissertation is a high profile assignment that requires lengthy and intensive research at the Doctoral level. The project takes years of research, consultations, and interactions with dissertation committee. Before a dissertation is approved and conferred for degree, the committee takes time to review the content, formatting and presentation style.  An editor plays an important role in honing the manuscript into perfection before its submitted.

Understanding the functions of an editor can help you in selecting the best. In summary, these are the basic functions of an editor:

-          Check and correct grammatical mistakes such as misspellings and wrong punctuations.

-          Check and correct use of wrong phrases and vocabularies.

-          Check for ambiguity, wordiness, and colloquial sentences.

-          Check organization and formatting of the manuscript

-          Check general impression of the dissertation

-          Lend some editing advice

The strength of your dissertation determines whether you will be conferred a PhD. Dissertation editing can help improve the chances of getting a degree through editing and proofreading.  In most cases, having an on going editor is better than having it edited at the end. Most people prefer to get an expert dissertation editor who will advice and rather coach them through different phases of writing. An advisor can help not only correct grammatical mistakes but also critique and offer suggestions for improvement.

An advisor is part of the team that will determine whether to approve or disapprove your dissertation. They also determine the strength of a dissertation and the award it deserves. Problem is that finding an advisor with editing expertise is not easy. Many are forced to hire a third party editor at a fee. Although having an external editor is often a good decision, finding the right one is not easy.

Dissertation editing is marketable prospect. You will find thousands of editing and writing services, each promising to provide the best editing and proofreading services. Sometimes telling who is an expert editor with all these promises is not easy. In essence, they make almost everyone virtually an editor. That is why students are advised to get editors from their college; editors whose credibility is tangible and irrefutable.

Most universities discourage doctoral students from using dissertation-editing services. Reason is that often universities have their own formatting style requirements that editing services may not be familiar with. A dissertation is a huge document and contains hundreds of citations. Making sure all this citations are placed properly and correctly can be hectic. It requires expertise and patience. Similarly ensuring that figures, tables, chart, and other illustrations are formatted correctly is a draining process.

External dissertation editors are often questioned whenever they make modifications on content. Yet this is supposed to be original work written in the authors own language and presenting own ideas. It is controversies such as this that make institutions prohibit students from sourcing editing services outside. External editors often lack the intellectual capacity to advise a student. Most of them are interested in financial gains other than assisting the student achieve academic goals.

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