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An Electronic Cigarette Advantageous Over Regular Cigarettes

by elynieva

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For many years, environmentalists have been pressurising tobacco cigarette manufacturers to reduce the usage of synthetic chemicals in the products. This was in order to reduce the harm to smokers as well as non-smokers. Many bans have been imposed on the usage of these regular smokes and in various places people are restricted to smoke in those places. Now many places are smoke-free zones, and the environment in places like restaurants, offices, etc. are free of smoking chemicals. But what about the leftovers of regular cigarettes because they can be equally harmful for the environment as well as people who live or pass that place.


Although there is reduction in the number of smokers all around the world because of the increased awareness about bad smoking habits, but the environment is still polluted and the existing smokers need to switch to better smoking options. One such option that is available at the disposal of smokers is an electronic cigarette. These electronic cigarettes do not contain tar, carbon monoxide or any of the other toxic chemicals that are found in regular cigarettes. The users can get rid of the intake of these harmful chemicals, which will keep their respiratory system and the rest of the body healthier.


There are critics who have been complaining on the usage of electronic cigarettes, but it is much better than smoking real cigarettes. The nicotine present in these electronic cigarettes is purified and is free from carcinogens. These are the cancer causing substances that are present in regular cigarettes. It not only affects the smoker but affects the non-smoker as well. When you smoke an electronic cigarette you can get freedom from all the chemicals. Besides, it is always possible to decide the strength of nicotine in the cartridge depending on your requirements, and the strength varies from being high, medium, low and finally zero.


There are many products that have been introduced in the market earlier to assist the smokers in getting rid of their addiction like nicotine patches and gums, but these products have been unsuccessful because the users did not get to inhale or exhale anything and it is only this quality that gives the users maximum satisfaction. It is only through electronic cigarettes that the users get maximum satisfaction without in taking harmful chemicals. To start with the usage, you can buy electronic cigarettes from stores like Nicolites. These stores have starter kits available at lower prices and also related accessories to make the smoking experience better and easier. Switching to eco-friendly options is the demand for the day, and besides being environment friendly electronic cigarettes is user friendly too.

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