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Hire a Content Writer Who has an Understanding of the Target

by manishyadav

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Unlike other forms of art, content writing is one such domain wherein a writer does not just write to give expression to his whims and fancies. He or she writes with a mission. The word ‘mission’ may sound like a goal to be accomplished, but it is in fact a reality. The world, now, is driven by communication and for every communication to be successful, there is a need for a message.  It is only a clear-cut message that decides the success of an entire effort. It’s the power contained in a particular message that can decide the rise and fall of a government. Therefore, the role of a content writer becomes very critical. The career opportunities for a content writer are unending because the domain of content writing does not end with marketing, but extends to all possible industry verticals. This also speaks volumes of the challenges that lie in writing effective content. This is because the style of writing effective for one industry vertical might not hold good for the other one.  The challenge is not only a bout the different industry vertical but also about the different messaging channels. Writers need to write differently for print, digital and mobile. For developing customized content, it is always wise to hire a content writer who can articulate views smartly and without any language hiccups. 

The effectiveness of any message lies in the thorough understanding of the target audience.  A very simple message, cleverly written, can work wonders when compared to a message written with stylish use of words.  It is very important for a message to capture the imagination of a target audience. Writing styles for every writer varies and it essentially develops, over the period of years, basis the industry one has worked for and the kind of clients one has dealt with.  For example- a content writer, working in retail, will write differently for different products and categories. He or she cannot use the same writing style for the social media page of the retail enterprise.Furthermore, if she asked to populate the website, she has to adapt to a different style.  For a same enterprise, the writing styles will vary for social media, company website, press release, newspaper product review and mobile banners.  For each of these platforms, the target audience may be different or remain the same. The difference lies in the way a user likes to read his messages.  Herein, one has to understand the psyche of the target audience. This can only be achieved by hire content writing in india who has a fair idea about how marketing is done. 

The analysis of target audience is crucial to the kind of messaging a content writer needs to draft.  Broadly, speaking, content writing involves the AIDA principle of instruction design. AIDA refers to the four steps such as ‘Attention’, ‘Interest’, ‘Desire’ and ‘Action’.  This involves conducting extensive research to find out the needs, requirements, and buying behavior of the target audience.  A content writer should ask questions such as:

• Who is my target audience

• What is the age group of my target audience

• Where does my target audience belong to

• What is the educational background of my target audience

• What will my target audience gain from my writing

From the above discussion, it is clear that the role of a content writer is extremely crucial.  Hence, enterprises planning to hire content writers in india should carefully devise tests that effectively bring out the writing and analytical competencies of the writer.

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