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What Roof Types to Consider in a Connecticut Home

by daniellebailey

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Connecticut is host to a wide range of seasons. Sweltering summers and freezing winters make for an extreme Connecticut climate. But thankfully, Connecticut homes are built like bunkers; and the elements are no match against such durable shelters.

But durability is dependent on the materials used, as some materials simply work better than others. Of all the parts of home construction, roofs are the most demanding when it comes to materials. Not only should roofs be durable, but they should be able to withstand the extremes of rain and shine, or snow and hail, for a long time. Faced with Connecticut’s extreme weather conditions, a good roof should not only look pretty on a house. it should be fully functional as well in protecting the entire structure and its occupants.

There are different roof types and styles to suit your needs and preference. One only has to be mindful of what weather conditions the roof will face year after year. Since Connecticut straddles two climate regions—one continental, and the other subtropical—building accordingly to these conditions will improve a CT home’s protection.

The roofing Connecticut residents need has to address the heavy snowfall the northern portions of the state are known for. Roofs made of composite material or slate and built in the shape of the sloping, Gambrel or Mansard style will not only allow for easier cleaning of the snow, but are typically balanced models that can withstand the hot summers as well. Warmth and insulation from these coverings are a big plus.

On the other hand, roofing Connecticut homes along the coastline should use materials that can deflect much of the sun’s heat away, like the appropriately-named cool roofs. The roof’s shape can be a simple hip or gable design, as long as upkeep of the roof is facilitated. To keep heat away from the rest of the house, CT homeowners should also consider investing in good insulation.

Roofing contractors CT homeowners engage need to work closely with architects to produce houses that are not only beautiful, but robust. Having a palatial home would be to no avail if the unforgiving Connecticut weather has perforated its roof like a slice of Swiss cheese. For more roofing ideas, refer to

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