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Records Storage Precautions: Are You One of the 94 Percent?

by rubybadcoe

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If you run an office, here’s a question worth pondering on: “Are you one of the 94 percent?” It’s a part of the latest statistics done by a major business solutions firm on how prepared business firms are in the event of a disaster. Perhaps, the better question is: “Are you well-prepared as one of the 94 percent?”

The figures come from the Sage Small Business Disaster Preparedness Study initiated last February on 539 owners of minor ventures. Statistics show that 94 percent of owners back up their vital financial data, while the rest don’t, which is unsafe, to say the least. As expected, 75 percent of the entrepreneurs say they back up data to be safe now than sorry later. However, does this really mean the 94 percent is relatively safe?

That’s the bad news: Sixty-seven percent of the owners say that they back up vital data on site. While it may prepare the office for any emergency, if disaster hits the office, the original and the backup files may be ruined. Unless you’ve created backups in other media, you’ll lose the files for good if a disaster happens.

The study also shows that 62 percent of the owners don’t have a sound disaster preparedness plan in place. You probably know how erratic the weather can get, even if the weatherman says there’s no chance of a hurricane hitting Los Angeles. Proper records storage Los Angeles firms do must include a good disaster preparedness plan.

In light of what the study had found out, data security experts advise businesses to follow the 3-2-1 formula. This means that proper records storage Los Angeles must: (1) have three copies of data, one being the original; (2) be stored in two different media, a server and a disk or tape; and (3) have at least a copy stored using off-site data storage. In total, you should have at least seven copies. You can prevent data loss by storing data in a wider network of drives and media.

You can access the whitepaper about Sage’s study on disaster preparedness on their website, If you want to know more about on-site and off-site backup, you can visit Records storage Los Angeles firms do will surely put you among those who prepare well.

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