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Data Recovery 101: Common Types of Storage Media Damage

by rubybadcoe

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Society today relies heavily on various information storage media the same way plants rely on sunlight to keep on surviving. Individuals and businesses use different kinds of storage media–from CDs to USB flash drives–to keep their data secure. Unfortunately, these storage devices fail over time—mostly due to any one of these reasons—and cause massive data loss.

Continued Use despite Signs of Failure

Some employees have the bad habit of pushing computers way beyond their limit. They tend to ignore signs of damage like clicking or grinding noises, system crashes, and random file deletions. The moment your PC exhibits any of these signs, consider replacing some parts and running integrity checks to detect signs of hardware problems.

Infection from Computer Viruses and Malware

Malware and viruses are a computer's worst nightmare. These are created by programmers who write self-replicating codes with destructive abilities. Viruses can cause a world of trouble such as data deletion, system shutdowns, and other adverse effects. It is advised to set up anti-virus software to prevent any malicious programs from wreaking significant damage to your storage devices.

Power Failure

Los Angeles is home to a multitude of companies specializing in international trade, aerospace, entertainment, technology, fashion, and tourism, among others. Many of these sectors heavily rely on data to keep track of inventories, events, and other aspects. They often rely on uninterrupted power supply or UPS to ensure that their digital documents or data are kept safe in the event of power outage. Luckily, those who suffered data loss due to power failure can acquire data recovery service Los Angeles firms trust.

Natural Disasters

Los Angeles averages only 15.14 inches of precipitation all year round but is subject to heavy rainfall and thunderstorms during winter. Meanwhile, lightning strikes, power surges, fires, and earthquakes can cause physical damage to hard drives. It is wise to rely on data recovery service Los Angeles when called for.

Storage media devices are susceptible to almost any kind of damage. Be sure to keep them safe at all times, or call data recovery service Los Angeles if they get damaged. Log on to for more info on data recovery.

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