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Naturopathic Medicine – A New Transition in the Medication S

by healthmeds

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Naturopathy is the new way of medicine. Naturopathy has today totally replaced the old conventional system of medicine which was adapted since very long by the people. The modern system of medicine today has totally embraced the naturopathic medicine system and has proved their milestone in the systems of medicine. There has always been a major question, what is Metagenics? The answer to this complex question is that Metagenics is the study of engineering and personalizing specific organisms to create particular enzymes etc from the beginning materials.

The naturopathic system of medicine has various effects and has no contradictory actions on the body of the individual. It boosts the body’s own immune system to heal the diseases and makes the body resistant against the other problems. The other systems of medicine on the other hand make the body non resistant to diseases and hamper their internal growth and immunity too. The naturopathy is totally different from this point of view, it never keeps the body under any kind of stress nor does it suppress the underlying disease symptoms. It rather makes the body fit and healthier.

What is Metagenics? Metagenics is normally done to procure a substance from a microbe which cannot be made in vitro that is out of the test tube. In this case, the substance is being made, fed, nurtured and cultured in the body of the microbe so that it produces it in sufficient amount and it is then used for the cure of certain diseases in the human body. Example – e.coli is cultured to produce human insulin which is further used for the treatment of patients who have been detected as diabetics.

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