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Bicycle cable locks are a must for your cycle

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Every person who likes riding a bike should also know the ways to protect it. No matter how well a bicycle is secured, it can be stolen. Different bikes come with different locks, which are generally used to fasten the bicycle to a bicycle stand or other immovable objects. Some bikes come with wheel locks, wired locks, U &, D-shaped locks, chain locks, cable locks, etc. These locks are used and are tested on the basis of their strength, material, hold, weight and cost. Locks which are heavy and bigger in size are strong enough, but portability is an issue. Other lightweight locks which are convenient to carry prove to be little unsafe and are easy to break down. Out of all the options, bicycle cable locks are the most trusted locks in the lightweight category of locks.

Bicycle cable locks are made from spring cables which get automatically coiled up when released. They are very convenient to use and even a straight cable can be coiled by the user into a more manageable shape. They are quite light in weight and come in various colors in the market. One can choose his favorite color cable lock for the security of his bike. This type of lock is long enough to secure bicycle components such as the wheels and the seat. They are made using special strong cables with a loop at each end continuous with the cable, which enables linking with a locking device. These bicycle cable locks usually come with a system of combination of numbers to lock the cable. So that only the user can set a lock combination and nobody can open it without knowing the secret code.

Simple cable locks are sufficient for use in low risk areas. It’s been observed that thieves generally use bolt cutters to quickly cut the diameter of the cable easily. To avoid this, many robust cable locks are launched in the market, which are made of overlapping of steel jackets threaded over the cable. This will make it more difficult for the thieves to cut the central cable with bolt cutter and will require more time. It is always recommended to park your bike in an area where video surveillance is available and if your bike is worth more you can also consider insuring it.

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