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Ways to Stay Clear of Motorbike Accidents When Riding

by clarewestby

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If there was a listing of the safest vehicles on the road, don't assume the motorbike to be anywhere near the top. According to a 2001 report by the National Highway Safety Traffic Comission, people riding motorcycles are about 5 times more most likely to get injured in accidents, and a staggering 26 times more likely to pass away in significant collisions compared with car drivers. Even though these figures are quite deplorable in nature, there is still a wide range of ways to increase motorbike driving safety.

Motorcycles make up just one percent of the cars on the road; but sad to say, they account for almost 19 percent of deaths. The most common reason of these mishaps is due to the fact that motorists are less noticeable and eminent in dense traffic. However, some reports state that motorcycle incidents are often caused by motorists themselves. Numerous motorcyclists have a tendency to push their ride beyond its speed threshold, at some point making them crash to hazards at full velocity and force.

If you're organizing to buy a motorcycle, bear in mind that roadway safety lies in your hands. Observe correct roadway decorum to steer clear, or at least, lessen opportunities of incidents. Here are a couple of tips to follow after making a motorcycle acquisition to be on the safe side.

Never Forget to Wear a Helmet
Groups like the National Safety Council sponsor programs to educate drivers about sharing the roadway with motorcyclists every year. Because of these programs, motorcycle accidents in Ohio have significantly gone down. Motorcyclists are always recommended to don helmets to keep their heads secure in case it collides with hard objects; 50 percent of all motorbike deaths occur since people fail to don helmets. Be sure to obtain a sturdy and safety-tested helmet when purchasing from motorcycle dealers Columbus Ohio residents regular.

Avoid Drunk-Driving

Drunk-driving or DUI (Driving under the Influence) is a common cause of roadway mishaps. Driving a motorcycle Ohio car dealerships sell when drunk is an incident hanging around to occur. You can wind up with more than just a couple of damaged bones or worst, cost you your life.

Get Training and Develop your Driving Abilities
The simplest and most reliable way to prevent incidents is to be a better driver. Oftentimes, motorcycle dealers Dayton Ohio homeowners count on give rider courses to new and competent motorcyclists. You can also log on to Motorcycle Security Base internet site at to get started.

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