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Google Search Can't Be Perfect - Google’s Search C

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Google’s search chief, Singhal’s dream of search is a dazzling one. But sadly it is sometimes delayed by the business wall of Google, which is target upon govern the web, even if it has to, on instance, give up users’ privacy and choice of choice in its search to do so.

 Google Google assigning new and latest safe mode that is totally personal line, where they make enable all users and folks to reach personally Gmail via the main search box.


Google all its making not more than for defensive search. As Google want to become more sufficient and more ample towards users. As just want to know what they really want to search before typing.



Google’s search chief, Singhal joined Google in 2000 and rewrite the algorithm powering the search engine, which had first been created by Sergey Brin, Google's co-founder. His title now is 'Google Fellow' but inside he's known as 'the Jedi'.


Singhal stated last summer:


“Search needs to be far more communicative. You need to be able to have a conversation with your search engine. I want my search engine to be the expert who knows me the best. It needs to know you so well that sometimes you don’t need to ask it the next question.”



But Singhal is at rest annoyed by the facts that Google cannot reach easily. Google cannot ever accomplish search engines which edge all of this data while Facebook and Twitter survive and rebuff to open their networks.



He added more:


“We believe that the entire universe of people’s information should be indexed through search… this includes both public information and at the same time your personal information – such as a shipment confirmation in your Gmail and then there is the social information which people have shared with their friends and family,



The question about other social networks is a very important one. We believe that this is users’ data and yet we have to make a deal with third party social network, such as Facebook, to actually give access back to the users – because clearly we cannot crawl these social networks.



In this day and age when users have created the data on these third party social networks – but they don’t fully control where they can index and search their data – we need to debate this.



“Indeed as things stand – these companies who are running these closed platforms do allow or disallow other companies to provide services on their data. Users need to decide.”



Undeniably Twitter, Facebook and Myspace grouped up to previous this year to widely disparage Google over changes to its search engine which uphold Google plus delighted not long after the social network launched.



Singhal, deny to explore each and every point about this summit or agenda.



In resistance of Google's prioritization of  Google+  content in search results, Singhal says:


“I think it’s a learning process – even for us. We experiment, we learn, we improve – that’s what Google does.”

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