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The Purpose of Duty Gear

by anonymous

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Duty gear are those items and accessories that help law enforcements officers have the ability to be more efficient and safer at their jobs while making their jobs easier. Each department may have differences in the gear that they choose to use and the type used is mainly dependent on the type of duties that are carried out by the unit on a daily basis. Duty belts are one type of gear that all law enforcement employees wear. These come in various forms but they all have the same purpose – to hold various items that will be useful to the officer as they go through their various tasks. Having the items stored in the belt allows officers quick and easy access to their work items when needed. Some other items that fall into this category include;

  • Holsters – these are one item that are affixed to duty belts. They allow officers to store their handguns, stun guns or their flashlights. There are holsters that can be used with only specific items as well as holsters that can be used with a wide variety of guns from different brands. These are made durable so that guns are not accidentally discharged which protects the officer and civilians which may be close by. You will find that a number of holsters come with the ability to adjust their angle so that it is in just the right place for the person wearing it.

  • Pouches – these are among the most commonly purchased and used duty gear items. You can find pouches for a number of things such as handcuff pouches, magazine pouches, radio pouches, peppery spray pouches, glove pouches and much more. Though there are different types of pouches you may not always be able to tell what they are used for just by looking. They are manufactured in this way to ensure that persons are not able to tell what is inside them for the protection of the officer as some criminals can use their weapons against them in some cases. You can found pouches that are carried vertically as well as horizontally and some may be molded or may offer a universal fit for a variety of different items. Some manufacturers include a quick release feature on some of their pouches.

  • Cases – these allow officers to carry any items they may need to execute their jobs appropriately with ease and convenience. There are a variety of different cases available on the market to include silent key cases which are great for situations where officers need to be silent in an effort to protect themselves from danger. There are also cases for folding knives that keep these items safe inside so as to minimize the chances of accidental injury. Cases like pouches conceal their contents so that people cannot tell what is contained in the case just by looking.

The items mentioned here are all duty gear that are worn on duty belts. Duty belts themselves are considered as gear as well as there are a number of other types of gear that are used on a daily basis by law enforcement officials and workers.



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