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Memphis - The Musical Broadway Tickets

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Memphis the Musical has been turning heads on Broadway since it first opened more than a year ago. The Broadway show has all the makings for good entertainment in the Big Apple: slick entertainment, forbidden love and music that makes it difficult to sit still.

The show is a popular one, but you can still find discount Memphis the Musical tickets if you shop around for them. We have an overview of the musical so you know what to expect when you snag cheap Memphis the Musical tickets and hit the theatre for this rousing show.

Memphis the Musical Storyline

Huey Calhoun is a high school dropout with a passion for good music. When he is fired from his job stocking a local grocery store, he finds his calling as a DJ for a radio station down the street. Here, Calhoun turns Memphis onto some completely different styles of music.

During his career, Calhoun meets and falls in love with an up-and-coming young African American singer, Felicia, who he meets on Beale Street. The two must keep their affair a secret for some time, since interracial relationships on the Memphis streets of the 1950s were primarily taboo.

Felicia and Huey must overcome great odds to be together. In addition to the racial tensions surrounding the times, the raw ambition of both professionals often gets in the way of their feelings for one another. Add to it the severe prejudices of the families involved, and you have the makings for a romance that defies the odds to the thrill of everyone in the audience. Cheap Memphis the Musical tickets open the door to ultimate love in the face of adversity.

Who Should See Memphis the Musical?

Memphis the Musical is a good time for audiences of all ages, making cheap Memphis the Musical tickets a wonderful gift for young and old. The senior crowd will appreciate the time setting firsthand, and they probably remember much of the music of the time like it was just yesterday. Younger adults will appreciate the racial tensions that have fortunately subsided somewhat, with a lesson in where we came from and how far we still need to go.

Children may even enjoy the upbeat music and spectacular dance numbers of Memphis the Musical. However, before you snap up discount Memphis the Musical tickets for the younger crowd, bear in mind there is one scene that involves a rather violent beating. Kids that come to this show tend to appreciate it more if they are in the older age range - particularly with music from Bon Jovi rockers David Bryan and Joe DiPietro.

What the Critics Say

John Simon says, "I guarantee you a rambunctious good time!" while David Richardson calls Memphis the Musical "the biggest hit on Broadway this year or any other year."

While some critics cringe at the neat package this production falls into, they all agree the performances and music make the show worth every penny of your discount Memphis the Musical tickets.

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On Broadway, find your discount Memphis the Musical tickets for the Shubert Theatre on West 44th Street.

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