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A slice of Thailand in London

by glenbrado

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Fancy a getaway to somewhere exotic, where the food is delicious and the women are beautiful? Are you a little bummed because instead of holidaying in Thailand you have to pull extra hours at the office to meet deadline? Just because you are snowed under this summer doesn’t mean that you can’t treat yourself to a little exotic fun, without having to leave the comfort of your own home town. Thailand escorts are in the capital to spend time with you doing all the things you wish you could be doing on the other side of the world, wining, dining and having fun with a gorgeous girl on your arm. Everyone knows that Thai women are a popular choice amongst Western men for the reason that they are women that know how to treat a man. Whether it is by performing a luxurious Thai massage on him or just enjoying his company, Thailand escorts are schooled in the art of companionship, much like the Geisha of yesteryear in Japan, or the courtesan of any historical European court. A quick phone call to a Thailand escort can tee up a time and a place to meet up, where she will have the candles lit, the relaxing music playing, and she has all she needs at hand. Thai massage is renown around the world as a great way to relax and to rejuvenate the body. It consists of deep tissue manipulation and a lot of stretching, she never uses oils, as is traditional with this type of massage in her home country, and she will use many parts of her body to perform this massage. After spending a couple of hours being stretched and massaged you will feel as good as if you had spent the last two weeks on a beach with a cocktail in hand! Thailand escorts are a great choice for overworked men in London for more than just massage. They are great company; they love to listen to the trials and tribulations of your day. They enjoy accompanying you to the movies to laugh at the latest comedy out, and they like to spend time at your place watching DVD’s. These girls are happy to offer the girlfriend experience where you can hang out down at the pub with your mates and their girlfriends, or they can offer the full service, complete with bells and whistles, where you can wine and dine each other before heading to a nearby hotel for an hour in the hot tub before a massage and getting to know each other better. Just because you won’t be heading out of town this summer doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on all the perks of having a holiday romance!


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